How To Weed Out Fake Instagram Followers: The Complete Guide

Learning how to weed out fake Instagram followers is an important part of maintaining a high-quality social media presence. Fake followers aren’t just annoying, they actively damage your image on Instagram, making it hard to earn the trust of your potential leads.

While fake followers might seem like a good idea at first, when you’re trying to boost the numbers on your follower count, they cause far more damage than good.

Today, we’re going to explore why fake Instagram followers are so problematic, and how you can start to remove them from your account.

What Are Fake Instagram Followers?

If you’re new to Instagram and social media marketing, you might be wondering what we mean by “fake Instagram followers.” Unfortunately, a deep-dive into the Instagram community reveals not every user is as authentic as they seem. The term “fake followers” often applies to either empty Instagram accounts not managed by anyone, or spammy accounts piloted by bots.

These fake accounts are common on all kinds of social media channels.

The majority of tools you can use to buy Instagram followers actually churn out these “fake” accounts. They’re designed to make your Instagram numbers look good, but they don’t have a positive impact on your social presence overall. Why? Because fake Instagram followers:

·         Harm your engagement ratio: A strong presence on Instagram isn’t defined exclusively by the number of followers you have. It’s also influenced by how frequently those people engage with you and your company. Too many fake followers not commenting on your posts could tell Instagram you’re trying to cheat your way to the top. Plus, lack of engagement and Instagram likes means you’re not getting any conversions from your high follower count.

·         Hurt your credibility: Fake Instagram followers don’t make you any money, and they could drive other, real followers away, too. Most Instagram fans today will be able to spot an account with fake followers from a mile away. If you buy bot accounts that leave spammy comments on your posts, this could damage your reputation.

·         Increase your risk of being banned: As mentioned above, Instagram will eventually notice the presence of fake followers and minimum engagement on your account. This could lead to serious trouble. As Instagram attempts to improve the experience for its followers all the time, it’s cracking down on accounts that try to game the system. You may even have your account banned. 

Fake Instagram followers also skew your marketing metrics, making it difficult to learn what’s actually working for your company in your social media strategy. The more fake followers you have, the harder it is to analyze the sentiment and activities of your real fans. If you can’t evaluate your campaigns correctly, you can’t invest in successful campaigns.

How To Weed Out Fake Instagram Followers

The good news for companies and brand personalities using Instagram for online growth, is weeding out fake followers isn’t as complex as it seems. Most of the steps you can take avoid simply being careful about how you acquire and attract new fans.

Here are some handy tips to help.

1.      Use An Organic Growth Service

Gathering as many potential Instagram followers as possible, as quickly as you can, is an important part of being successful online. The faster you can develop a strong follower count, the more likely it is you’ll attract further growth. This is because people on social media are more likely to trust companies with pre-existing followers.

The need for a decent number of followers from an early point in your Instagram journey is why so many companies have turned to fake followers in the past. Rapidly building an organic following on your own often requires a huge marketing budget – and a lot of luck.

However, there’s an easier way to enable organic growth. Choosing an Instagram growth service which focuses on finding you genuine fans for your company is the best way to boost your chances of success. Look for a solution which targets real people interested in your products, brand, company, and content. This way, you’re grabbing the attention of individuals who can help your business grow.

Growing your online presence with real, authentic followers will make it easier to avoid fake accounts, so you don’t have to go back and search for these ineffective followers later.

2.      Manually Clean Your Account

Even if you’re ultra-careful about your organic growth strategies, there’s always a chance you could stumble onto a fake follower accidently. As bots and AI become more intelligent, spotting fake followers at a glance is a little trickier.

In general, most brands should be auditing their social media presence on a regular basis, checking for valuable information about their audience, and updating their sharing strategy based on analytical reports. While you’re doing this regular “check-in”, you can also clean your account manually, by looking for evidence of problematic accounts, such as:

·         Engagement rate: If an account has a lot of followers but not a lot of comments, likes, or engagement on their profile, this is usually a sign they’re taking underhanded approaches to growth. Remove these people from your community to protect your own reputation.

·         Random handles: If someone follows you with the name @eg82uuu, you probably aren’t getting the attention of a real human being. Random names are usually chosen for bots when companies want to create a lot of automated accounts at once.

·         Low-quality content: Content is essential on Instagram. If the account following you posts irrelevant low-quality pictures without any real focus, they may be a spam account. You may also find certain accounts posting nothing at all.

The more you get into the habit of removing fake followers whenever you spot them, the easier it should be to complete this task regularly as part of your social media strategy.

3.      Use An Instagram Cleaning App

As your social media community on Instagram begins to grow, you might find it becomes extremely difficult to manually search through your followers and remove the ones who don’t make sense. After all, you’ve still got a business and marketing campaign to run.

An Instagram cleaning app offers a good alternative. These apps essentially search through all of your followers in seconds, using intelligent algorithms to determine which accounts are likely to be fake. You can even set the apps up to automatically “unfollow” people who might be defined as “fake.”

For iOS users, there’s the “Cleaner for IG app” which comes with its own whitelist manager, bulk deletion and blocking features, and alerts for “inactive” or ghost users. For Android fans, a popular option is the “Unfollower for Instagram.”

The Unfollower for Instagram starts automatically unfollowing people in your community so you can reduce the number of unwanted people in your ecosystem. It’s easy to use, straightforward, and quick, ideal if you want to get your account back on track quickly.

Get Rid Of Those Fake Instagram Followers

Though fake Instagram followers are common in the social media world, they’re an issue best avoided whenever possible. Even if you think fake followers will help to improve your appearance at first, they ultimately have a negative influence on your reputation, and growth.

Organic follower growth is the only way to make sure you collect genuine fans for your company or brand. With an organic strategy, you connect with people who can genuinely help your business to grow, with real purchases and engagement.

Get rid of those fake followers and start focusing on genuine growth with real people instead.

Author: nohoarts