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Inna Faliks Polonaise-Fantasie • The Story of a Pianist Comes to NoHo!

–  Take a musical journey through exquisite piano solos by Bach, Beethoven, Mozart, Liszt, Chopin and more narrated and performed by the musician herself, Inna Faliks, at The...

The Comedy Chateau

Come out for a night of laughs at The Comedy Chateau, the hottest new comedy club in L.A.! 

Joseph & The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat

One of the most enduring shows of all time, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat is a reimagining of the Biblical story of Joseph, his father Jacob, 11 brothers and the coat of many colors.


SHANKAR PLAYS SHANKAR. Family and tradition figure prominently in Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra’s season finale when sitarist Anoushka Shankar makes her LACO debut, under Music Director Jaime Martín’s baton, with a performance of Concerto No. 3 for Sitar composed by her legendary father, the late Ravi Shankar, who brought the sitar into the mainstream through his pop music collaborations with The Beatles and others. Anoushka, heralded for her “lush mediations…dazzling runs and leaps,” has forged a “Grammy-nominated career (that) has carried the family business to new cross-cultural heights” (New York Classical Review). The concerts are Saturday, May 20, 2023, 8 pm, at Glendale’s Alex Theatre, and Sunday, May 21, 2023, 7 pm, at UCLA’s Royce Hall.

The Spring Beverly Hills Art Show 2023

STAFF FAVORITE! The Spring Beverly Hills Art Show 2023 is May 20 and 21, celebrating the show’s 50th anniversary!

The LA Trio con Brio in NoHo!

Three award-winning maestro musicians in one concert, pianist Lily Popova, violinist Boryana Popova and cellist Mark Bassett bring their brio to the stage at The Athena Foundation for the Arts 2023 Spring Concert Series,  The LA Trio con Brio, on Sunday, May 21.

Hollywood Fringe Festival

Yoni Ki Kahaniya (#YKK): Vagina Stories

Yoni Ki Kahaniya (#YKK): Vagina Stories. Contemporary and original stories from Los Angeles women of South Asian descent, from their honest, open, and emotional hearts.

Queen Mab’s Alarmingly Mandatory Bridal Shower

Queen Mab’s Alarmingly Mandatory Bridal Shower. Come and celebrate love, magic, and music with the ferocious and endearing Queen Mab as she throws the bridal shower of the year, complete with mandatory attendance under penalty and duress, in a musical comedy that’s sure to delight and enchant!

Welcome to UA: Unmasked Anonymous

Welcome to UA: Unmasked Anonymous - Join Megan Caccamo and Jessica Jordan on a heartfelt journey as they navigate addiction and confront alter egos. 


A raucous comedy, Inappropriate! has a cast of more than a dozen NEO members. There are five evening performances throughout June at Three Clubs. The venue features a bar, allowing the audience to drink during a show that might hit home in unexpected ways. In fact, NEO has created an Inappropriate! drink, Flasher in the Rye, to be served at Three Clubs.


THE SEAGULL A faded superstar pining for the past. A rebel still longing for approval that will never come. A bright-eyed optimist pursuing an image of fame. A famous artist seeking to feel like he has actually accomplished anything. Young love, unrequited. FutureHome Productions presents an unconventional and highly poetic adaptation of Anton Chekhov’s heartfelt and intimate experience of preserved dreams, broken realities, and how we love and hurt each other, often at the very same time.

Now or Later

Now or Later - It's the night of the US presidential election and success is imminent for the Democratic Party. All is well until a revelation plunges the campaign into an international crisis. Woven within the brittle fabric of a political family, the play exposes uncomfortable truths about politics, religion, bigotry, and freedom of expression. 

The Allure of Thug Life

The Allure of Thug Life explores topical themes of bullying, violence, economic inequality, class, colorism, pride, perseverance, self-love, and respect. This solo show focuses on a Black family who has "made it." Now their daughter fights to go from riches to rags. 


STOCKHOLM SYNDROME dances between the realms of psychological thriller and dark comedy, entwined within the inspirational and destructive duality of the concept of muses as presented in a clever game of cat and mouse between a  washed-up artist and a woman with a mysterious secret. 

Thank You So Much For Coming

The world premiere of Thank You So Much For Coming, written and performed by writer, comedian Alex Kern, and directed by Natasha Mercado is a 60-minute immersive comedy experience at the Hollywood Fringe Festival 2023. 

“The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring- Extended Edition Part 1”

Legendary actor/comedian Riley Smith brings to life Peter Jackson’s “The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring- Extended Edition  Part 1” in this breathtaking, heartbreaking, exciting, and sometimes even funny, shot-for-shot retelling of Peter Jackson’s Re-imagining of J.R.R. Tolkein’s masterpiece. 


Do you love spiders? How about dung beetles or maybe worms? If you answered “yes” to any of the above, then “BUGS!” is the show for you. “BUGS!”, written by Tommy Fleming and Riley Smith heads to the Hollywood Fringe Festival 2023.

Missionary Positions

Missionary Positions Using a multi-media blend of true stories, characters, and cultural commentary, this auto-biographical solo show about faith, doubt, and trauma finds Dan asking the question no one around him seemed interested in asking; "what’s so wrong with being lost?”

How to Be an Ending

How to Be an Ending. In a crumbling and surreal world, six characters fight to understand why they left Matthew behind. Elena Rosa plays all of the characters in How to Be an Ending.

The Sad Life of A Happy Man 

The Sad Life of A Happy Man peels back the facade of showmanship and personifies what happens when a man confronts the fractured parts of himself to realize his purpose for living. When he tries to uncover this purpose, he is tossed into the throws of depression, and suicidal ideation, and must figure out if it’s all worth it before the clock runs out. A storyteller broken into pieces. If you had the chance to peer inside the mind of an artist on the brink of disaster… would you do it?

Getting There!

"Getting There!" Rebecca O’Brien is a survivor, and she’s back! Now in full remission from a bout with cancer, the writer-performer re-enacts her miraculously healing encounters with strangers as she rode the bus with her little service dog on Fairfax Avenue in Hollywood, to and from her treatments at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center.

Sinatra: RAW

Sinatra: RAW. PALM SPRINGS 1971 - Frank Sinatra prepares for his last pre-retirement intimate show but his blue eyes are red-rimmed with memories. He drinks One for My Baby too many when things take an unexpected twist. The 2am Sinatra you dream of meeting. Dangerous. Unpredictable.  BRILLIANT! ★★★★★ BBC

Nicky and the Angels

Nicky and the Angels. Spring. 1982. The City of Angels. Hoop earrings are huge, the Walkman is new, and something scary is showing up in the papers. Teenage ushers Nicky, Courtney and Angie are falling in love with musical theatre, the big, bright world outside of high school, and the wrong people.


David Mamet’s Oleanna is a powerful play that explores the complex issues of political polarization, lack of trust in institutions, #MeToo and gender inequality, cancel culture, free speech and mental health and well-being.

Hollywood Fringe News and Reviews

Nicky and The Angels

“Nicky and The Angels,” written and directed by Jillana Devine-Knickel, is a brand new musical and what better place to premiere an 80s musical set in Los Angeles than at the Hollywood Fringe Festival 2023

Hollywood Fringe Offers Financially Accessible Theatre in Los Angeles

Hollywood Fringe Offers Financially Accessible Theatre in Los Angeles. hundreds of performances will take place in Hollywood across a variety of genres, with options for audiences to pay as little as $0 to see a performance.

Tickets on Sale for the 2023 Hollywood Fringe Festival

Tickets are now on sale for the 13th annual Hollywood Fringe Festival, taking place from June 8-25, 2023.

Theatre Reviews and Interviews

Ritual Music to Cure a Lover

Shahin Sayadi is a gifted storyteller. “Ritual Music to Cure a Lover” is a story about love and pain and our innate human yearning to move away from the lives of our forefathers and to make something uniquely our own.

“Death of A Salesman”

“Death of A Salesman" - This production in the intimate Sherry Theater is as vivid as the words on the paper. The actors play well with the tension of the characters. They create and hold the serious angst of the story, which is tricky to sustain. They tackle the levels of torment and intense dissatisfaction they all have and give room for the words and the rhythm of the prose. 

The Book of Will

"The Book of Will" review - The actors perform magical feats of realism and transport us all to the streets and the taverns and the homes and the globe itself. They speak in Shakespeare's language and in modern language too, and the melding of the two feels natural and absolutely perfect for the story and the vivid beautifully drawn characters. 

“Minnesota Moon”

“Minnesota Moon” review. What if someone wrote a play about a memory of a moment in their lives they wish they could not only live again but stay in forever?

A New Brain

The entire play is set to music, opera like, and within minutes this seems like the most natural way in the world to tell this funny, dramatic and oddly charming story. The songs are wonderful, vivid, brutally honest, highly creative and strangely familiar. It has the air of a Charlie Kaufman film. Surreal but instantly relatable. 


RENT review: They took on something truly daunting and absolutely knocked it out of the park. Every song was perfection, every character fully realized. I laughed, I rocked out, I cried, a felt as joyful as could be and by the end of the production I was on my feet along with the rest of the audience. 

Movie Reviews

The Mother and Still 

This month’s movie and TV reviews of The Mother and Still.

Renfield and Ghosted 

[NoHo Arts District, CA] – This month’s movie and TV reviews of Renfield and Ghosted.

Loving Those Eighties: Air, Tetris 

– This month’s movie and TV reviews of Loving Those Eighties: Air and Tetris. In the mid-1980s, when I made the conscious choice not to spend $65.00 on that...

Operation Fortune:  Ruse de Guerre, Cocaine Bear, Triangle of Sadness, Women Talking 

This month’s movie and TV reviews of Operation Fortune: Ruse de Guerre, Cocaine Bear,Triangle of Sadness, Women Talking.


Shankar Plays Shankar

A NoHo Arts music review of “Shankar Plays Shankar” featuring Anoushka Shankar on Sitar and conducted by Jaime Martin at the Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra (LACO).

Night Hymns’ “Blue Bottle”

Vancouver-based indie rock musician Night Hymns’ new single “Blue Bottle” was inspired by singer-songwriter Wei’s encounter with a cafe in San Fransisco of the same name.  And I can’t think of a better reason to write a song!  

David A’s “Lit” 

David A’s “Lit” - David A holds nothing back with these striped-down musical poems. He laments and he praises as the guitars riff and the melody sores and dips. It’s an album of emotive phrasing and solid, forward-moving songs. Each one picking up where the last left off. 

Rocky Roberts & Friends’ “Piece of Time”

What a sweet and tender bluesy Americana sound for the oncoming summer months. Perfect for swinging in a hammock after a few tequilas. Rocky Robert & Friends EP “Piece of Time” is a tranquil beauty. 

Caroline Brennan’s “The Journey”

Caroline Brennan’s “The Journey” - She has a clear sweet voice, something of her Irish background perhaps? Perfect for the Americana, folksy country music she makes. The songs are catchy, beautifully written, poignant and commercial without being over done. 

Black Dog String Quartet’s “A Thousand Times Brighter”

A NoHo Arts music review of Black Dog String Quartet’s “A Thousand Times Brighter” album release.

Industry - Actors and Film

How is your Audition Perspective?

This month’s acting blog from Fran Montano of Actors Workout Studio focuses on the question, “How is your Audition Perspective?”


Are you a Tourist or a Traveler?

Are you a Tourist or a Traveler? Tourists tend to keep the “walls” up while traveling, but travelers will always seek to build “bridges.”

Bread and Butter Pudding

Encouraging someone to fall in love with you? Rewarding those who already are? I guarantee that if you feed them bread and butter pudding they will be unable to resist you.


The Garland

The Garland is a North Hollywood hotel with a chic retro vibe offering spacious accommodations.

Hotel Lexen

Hotel Lexen, an urban boutique hotel in the heart of the vibrant NoHo Arts District. Close to popular bars, restaurants and theatres. Mins from Universal...



Summer Performing Arts Camp at Lankershim Arts Center

The City of Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs, Performing Arts Division (DCA|PERF) is excited to have commissioned CUBCAKES and Interact Theatre Company's INTERPLAY to facilitate the 2023 Summer Performing Arts Camp at the Lankershim Arts Center from June 12-July 8.

Launch LA Presents Luna Anaïs Artist Kiara Aileen Machado

– This month’s LA Art blog: Launch LA presents Luna Anaïs artist Kiara Aileen Machado through May 13. Launch LA is hosting the Luna...

Judith Kaufman Art Gallery 2023 Shows

El Portal Theatre announced new art exhibits in their Judith Kaufman Art Gallery featuring three women visual artists - Marjorie Sarnat, Andrea Kichaven and Kimberly Adamis

Yoga on the Patio

Don’t miss Hamilton Evan’s Yoga on the Patio at Groundwork Coffee Co. on Sunday, April 2. Remember, it’s a new month and a new intention.


The Actors Company LA

The Actors Company is located at 916 N Formosa Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90046 Office Hours: 10am-6pm (Mon-Fri) Phone: (323) 463-4639 We have THREE beautiful and unique...

MKM Cultural Arts Center

Address: 11401 Chandler Blvd. North Hollywood CA 91601 Contact Email and Telephone # (310) 418 7421 Martinhall@sbcglobal.net # of Seats 50 - 100 Size of Stage area and Lobby area ‘Thrust Stage’ shape: 33ft...

Loft Ensemble

Whitefire Theatre

The Sherry Theatre

Two Roads Theater


The NoHo Arts District is a one-square-mile community in North Hollywood that is home to more than 20 live, professional theatres, dance studios, art galleries, public art, music recording venues, acting and art workshops. Discover your audience.

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