How to Become an Artist with a Strong Social Media Following

How to Become an Artist with a Strong Social Media Following

Social media have a big influence on many spheres of human life – we buy and sell things there, interact with friends and family, and discover interesting personalities. Artists as well have developed an online presence to their list of activities. In modern society, young talent can show the potential at once and gain a strong fanbase, along with the attention from producers and studios. Besides, becoming popular online is a good way to prove that your efforts are worth the attention of major producer centers and that people like what you do. 

In this article, you will find out how to make your presence online noticeable and how to grow the loyal audience for your support. 

Knowing Your Platform 

By now, there is a wide variety of social networks, and each has different features. So your first choice to make would be a priority of the platforms that you use for promotion. Don’t try to embrace a bigger burden – you don’t need to have profiles on every last one. 

Concentrate your work on the networks that you use frequently. This will be an easier start for you because, as a user, you will already know how it works. Having a lesser number to analyze, you will be able to study the algorithms of promotion better and deeper. 

Setting Goals And Strategy 

In any industry, it is important to understand what you want to get as a result. On social media, a settled goal means putting your efforts into the most effective tasks. So at first, define what you need to achieve, and then decide what methods you must use for that. 

This point is also connected to the previous because each platform you run will provide a better result for different goals. 

And before you even start your profiles on social media, you must develop a stiff tactic that will help you organize your growth and eliminate the errors as they occur on your way. This is a superb rule for any kind of blog that seeks success online – make the plan and stick to it! Exclusions may happen, but they must always be thoroughly analyzed and prepared. 

Check Out Specific Communities 

Along with the general list of social media that everybody knows about, e.g., Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter, there are also the ones that are considered to be used by artists primarily. Some of them are suitable more for musicians, some for painters, web-designers, and some will serve good for acting demonstrations.

  • The Dots. This network is described as a LinkedIn for creative people. Like Google, Viacom, Sony Pictures, Warner Music, Discovery, many established companies are using it for their recruitment. 
  • Behance. Ultimate portfolio saver and a perfect tool for communication with hiring companies. 
  • Ello. Nowadays, it is considered to be one of the best platforms to keep the portfolio and interact with companies, brands, and fans. 
  • Dribble. This one is rather like an inner community for creative people, where they can exchange experiences and share their recent works. It is quite possible to get useful tips from there. 

Who Are Your Fans

Knowing your audience is vital to reach the top. Your content has to be streamed to the right crowd that will appreciate it. At this time, you will have to turn on the analytic inside of you and think for who your work will be the most interesting and touching. Define such features of your potential audience as:

  • Gender
  • Age
  • Profession 
  • Occupation 
  • Region
  • Family status

For different kinds of audiences, you will have to adjust your content and strategy. Also, knowing the list of these metrics, you will be able to choose the right platform for your promotion and put more effort into the proper channel. 

Use Hashtags 

For social media, hashtags help both the algorithms and users categorize and find your content. By adding the right hashtags to your posts you can push the awareness of people to your favor. Without tags, your work online will be incomplete and less noticeable even by users, who are eager to see your content. 

The ground rule in wielding the art of hashtagging is to mix general terms with more specific ones in good proportion. In case if you use too many general tags, your post will drown in the daily flood of new uploads with the same tags. If you get too specific and accurate, it will be harder to widen your audience. It will be harder for users to discover you. 

Be Consistent 

This is crucial if you want to reach success on any social platform. However, you could mock the influencers from social media; they work hard, to produce something daily. That is why they get millions of followers. To get an equal result, be ready to roll out your posts regularly. Social platforms also require some level of situative creativeness so that you can broaden your content with impromptu photos or videos. Many networks offer comfortable formats for that, like:

  •  Instagram Stories,
  •  YouTube highlights,
  •  TikTok. 

Whatever platform you occupy, regular posting will make you more discoverable. Appearing in the feeds of your followers constantly, you will also secure the level of engagement, which is also vital for your progress. And this matter requires a separate paragraph! 


The engagement of your audience measures the level of interaction that happens between your followers and you. It basically indicates how interested your audience is in what you produce. This metric is one that you have to keep track of all the time. When engagement rates lower, so does everything else. So providing good, entertaining content is a must for you. Being an artist, this is not too hard a task to complete. Social media is a great help for artists. But don’t forget that people have to feel involved in your posts to drive up the engagement level. Leave silent spectatorship for Broadway. 

Here are the most common tips to increase engagement:

  • Talk to your followers, not at them. Keep your manners friendly and remain open for communication with your followers. 
  • Go live, when it is possible, and if the platform allows it. 
  • Announce your upcoming gigs and encourage your followers to check out your older works. 
  • Think of some games, contests, or other activity that will entertain your audience
  • Be sincere. Nothing is more precious to users than a genuine emotion that you put into your posts.
  • Analyze your engagement constantly. Thus you will eliminate the techniques that occurred to be useless for you.
  • Experiment. From time to time you can try to implement something that is not typical for your performance online. 
  • Create the effect of a cliffhanger. Don’t share only your finished projects. Let your audience sneak peek at your current work. In terms that your contract allows, for sure. 

Be Yourself 


Becoming successful online is impossible without this. Another title that could be suggested for this paragraph is “Create the best content.” But, in the case of social media, good content is always what comes from your heart. On socials, users are interested not only in your professional accomplishments but in your personality as well. So, mix in your feed something that concerns your daily life, share your lifestyle and opinions about different things. Avoid politics or religion, though. These topics always provoke burning discussions that end up in hatred, disappointment, and loss of fans. 

Of course, you should filter what goes online. Not every thought deserves to be shared online. But what is important is that you must not try to show what you really are not. This “mental fraud” is easily detected by users. 


Social media can be really useful for artists. Having a big crowd of fans online, you will feel support and confidence for your future growth. And also, this is a great way to create a portfolio and attract producers and brands! 

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