How To Style A Long Sleeve Tee

Do you know the number one clothing item each guy should have in his closet? It's a long-sleeve tee! It's comfy, easy to shop for, and the perfect canvas for pretty much any look you want to create. 
How To Style A Long Sleeve Tee.

Do you know the number one clothing item each guy should have in his closet? It’s a long-sleeve tee! It’s comfy, easy to shop for, and the perfect canvas for pretty much any look you want to create. 

Whether you’re looking for something to wear while working from home, an item to wear under your favourite blazers or want to show off your cool personality with quirky graphics, long-sleeve tees are a way to go! 

Not sure how to style it? Keep reading!

Pick the best long-sleeve tee 

The first thing to remember is that long-sleeve t-shirt styles vary, so you may want to consider what’s the purpose of your tee going to be.

Step one, choose the neckline: crewnecks, V-necks and Henleys are the most common choices. Crewnecks are the most versatile, V-necks look more formal, and Henley’s are perfect for casual outfits

Secondly, there’s the fit. If you’re looking for a tee to use as a layering piece under your hoodies, blazers or cardigans, you might want a more fitted one. If you’re going to wear it on its own, and especially if you’re looking for a graphic t-shirt, you want a more loose fit.

When it comes to fabrics, go for cotton, cotton blends or merino wool if warmth is a priority. 

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For the office 

The best way to style your long-sleeve tee for the office or business lunches is to wear it under your blazer and with your wool trousers or chinos. 

This is the perfect semi-formal look that gives you comfort yet still looks put together and respectful. We suggest opting for a V-neck in this case.

For dining out with friends of your girlfriend 

Eating out is supposed to be fun and relaxed, yet you still want to look nice (wearing a hoodie might work only if you’re eating at Burger King). 

Our recommendation? Wear your favourite long-sleeved tee, a nice, expensive-looking cardigan (it doesn’t have to BE expensive) and dark denim trousers or chinos! Perfect!

For grabbing beers with the guys or for game night 

Okay, this is an occasion to relax and completely let go, so forget chinos, wool trousers and blazers. What you need are your favourite jeans or cargo pants, a long-sleeve Henley and a zipper hoodie or unbuttoned flannel shirt. 

For a weekend at the cabin

Taking your significant other for a romantic weekend at the cabin or maybe planning to disconnect from the world and spend some time alone? 

You don’t need to pack much in your weekender bag. Grab your crewneck tee, puffer vest and tailored joggers, and you’re covered! 

For visiting your grandma 

Visiting grandma requires some effort; you can’t show at her house wearing sloppy joggers or ripped jeans. 

And while she’d probably feel the proudest seeing you in a suit, let’s not get carried away. Put on your nicest dark jeans, a smooth merino long-sleeve tee, and if it’s cold, layer minimalist denim or corduroy button-down shirt on top. It’s a look she’ll approve. 

For basketball pickup game after work 

Have a pickup game outside, but it’s chilly? Swap your traditional short-sleeves or tank tops for a performance level, moisture-wicking athletic long-sleeve t-shirt that will keep you warm yet mobile.

The best bottoms are, of course, your favourite joggers. 

For the Comicon convention 

Are you going to the Comicon or other, ahem, nerdy meetup? This is your chance to bust out your best graphic tee and wear it with your baggy jeans. If you still don’t have a worthy graphic tee, you can always get away with the 90s inspired look of layering an oversized short-sleeve on top of your fitted long sleeve tee.