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8 Casual Wear Outfit Tips Every Man Should Know

Are you constantly looking for easy men’s casual wear that doesn’t cost a fortune, that isn’t hard to put together, and that lasts more than a season? If you are looking to freshen up your style, here are eight casual wear outfit tips every man should know.

These eight smart men’s casual wear tips will help boost your style no matter your age, location, or budget.

8 Casual Wear Outfit Tips Every Man Should Know.
8 Casual Wear Outfit Tips Every Man Should Know. Photo by pexels-andrea-piacquadio-842811

Dress like you’re grown

You are an adult male  and your style should reflect the same. It is time to ditch your boy clothes and, instead, choose more “grown-up” designs.

However, this means ditching the mindset that grown up means old and boring. But, smart casual wear for men doesn’t have to be boring. 

We all want to look youthful and vibrant, especially when choosing which pieces of casual wear to buy. Wearing more classic, casual outfits can help make you appear more put together, more stylish, and thus, more youthful. 

How do you do this? Well, start by adding a simple blazer to a pair of jeans and t-shirt. Or swap out your dad sneakers for a pair of more stylish shoes. Continue reading for the other smart, easy to implement, men’s casual wear tips.

Ditch the graphics 

By far, this is the easiest of the eight casual wear outfit tips. Understandably, you love t-shirts with graphics. For example, your favorite band shirt, or the t-shirt from your last vacation, etc. They look cool on others but are not suited for everyone, especially if you are trying to convey an elegant, casual wear look. Think about the point of a graphic t-shirt. It’s to showcase your wit, style, snark, or whatever other image you’re trying to convey. 

But, can you showcase your style instead with a simple, well-made men’s casual wear outfit. Many brands like Nanamica offer different quality, timeless pieces that you can mix and match to create more outfits.  So not only are you creating more of an updated, grown up wardrobe but you are also saving money in the long run.

Go for the fit

We all love a comfy pair of  jeans that fit in all the right places. Every man’s casual wardrobe should include a pair of quality jeans. Why? Quality jeans are so easy to dress up or down. 

But, what type of jeans? Let’s leave the super baggy jeans to last decade. Instead, focus on fitted jeans. The rule is jeans should stay on your waist without a belt. 

Another tip is to go logo less.  If you must have a logo, just make sure it is very small and not in areas such as your butt. Oversized, saggy, embellished jeans are so early 2000s. 

8 Casual Wear Outfit Tips Every Man Should Know.
8 Casual Wear Outfit Tips Every Man Should Know. Photo by pexels-nappy-936023

There’s more to life than jeans

When you hear the term casual, jeans  are the first thing you normally think of. You’re not alone. People think that jeans are the only casual outfit staple available.

You’ve already taken the above advice on which jeans to add to your wardrobe. But, let’s take it a step forward. Add some chinos or casual pants to alternate with the jeans. Pair the chinos with a (non graphic) t-shirt or a button-down dress shirt for more of a polished look. 

Pay attention to your feet

People do notice shoes. Dad sneakers are a no no and, simply, not necessary with all the choices you have for casual men’s footwear. Swap your sneakers for a simple loafer, light boot, casual lace up shoe. You can pair these shoes with jeans or slacks to make a sporty look more refined.

8 Casual Wear Outfit Tips Every Man Should Know.
8 Casual Wear Outfit Tips Every Man Should Know. Photo by pexels-nick-demou-986831-2

Add accessories 

Accessories in men’s wear? Why, yes! A watch adds a layer of elegance without trying too hard. It’s simple, timeless, classic, and a must-have accessory in any man’s wardrobe. The benefit is it can be worn with both casual wear along with the more formal suit. 

If watches aren’t your thing, consider a bracelet. Yes, bracelets are for men, too. Bracelets can up your outfit game without breaking the bank. They’re more affordable and you can buy different colors, metals and styles. It’s an easy addition to a casual men’s wear look. This is, by far, the easiest of the eight casual wear outfit tips every man should know.

8 Casual Wear Outfit Tips Every Man Should Know pexels-andrew-neel-3178875
8 Casual Wear Outfit Tips Every Man Should Know. Photo by pexels-andrew-neel-3178875

It’s all about the layers 

Sometimes, yes, your outfit can be dull and flat, and in need of a bit more depth. No man wants a boring causal outfit. The secret is in the layering. A layered outfit is simple and you do not need to be an expert or get a stylist to use layers. Not to mention, layers help with fickle weather. 

So, how do you layer your causal wear for a sleek, updated look? Remember KISS – keep it short and simple. For instance, you can match a white shirt with jeans and layer it with a gray sweater. If it’s a bit chilly, add a light jacket, which you can take off later when it warms up. 

Honestly, layering is one of the fastest ways men can use to turn simple and sometimes boring casual wear into a put-together outfit. 

Stick to the classics 

Stick to the classics means avoid fast fashion. What’s fast fashion? Well, it’s trendy items that you wear for one season. Take a cue from a women’s fashion trend. Create a capsule wardrobe. This is simply a collection of classic, well-made pieces that can be mixed and matched and that will never go out of fashion. 

Being stylish doesn’t have to break the bank. By choosing classic, timeless pieces you are not throwing your money away on this season’s trend. You are investing your hard-earned money in clothing that will last. It also takes the stress out of choosing what to wear because you know your wardrobe is filled with quality clothing.

The wrap up

These eight casual wear outfit tips every man should Know are supposed to be easy to follow. Start with changing your mindset on what dressing for your age really means. Then start by choosing one of the eight fashion tips that is the easiest to implement for you. For some it may be donating graphic t-shirts. For others, it may be swapping dad sneakers for stylish loafers. Others may find layering is the easiest. All that matters is you try one of these eight casual wear fashion tips. 

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