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Yuval Ron’s “Sacred Spiral”

Yuval Ron’s “Sacred Spiral”
A music review of Yuval Ron's “Sacred Spiral” featuring Uyanga Bold.

A music review of Yuval Ron’s “Sacred Spiral” featuring Uyanga Bold.

I’ve just begun my journey with meditation. The past couple of years have been particularly intense for us all and pile onto that 50 years of a life and you have a person in dire need of peace. Yuval Ron’s “Scared Spiral” couldn’t be more perfectly timed for me and I am completely convinced that there is a disparate planet full of needful souls this blissful and resonant music would help and heal.

Full of organic sounds of voice and instrument “Sacred Spiral” feels familiar in an other worldly way. Like a memory deeply hidden or a place within ourselves long since forgotten.

It stirs and tingles and envelopes as it flows in waves of echoing light. With voice, fugal horn, sitar, jew harp, PanArt Hang, glass harp, cello and gongs all gently woven in blankets of forgiveness – this is so much more than music.

Award-winning composer Yuval Ron creates beautifully with vocalist Úyanga Bold and executive producer of Metta Mindfulness Music, Dr. Richard Gold.  Their purposeful and intentionally healing collaboration and immersive journey through ancient sacred sounds are the perfect balance of vibrations and whispering prayerful elemental odes.

I will play this now when I do yoga, but also when I sit and meditate, when I need to extract myself from the seemingly endless throngs of negativity all around us. And perhaps, before I sleep, to fade into the folds of loveliness of this gorgeous soulful sound, lifted by Úyanga’s timeless voice.  

Heal yourself with Yuval Ron’s “Sacred Spiral” featuring Uyanga Bold.

Live Stream

To celebrate the release of “Sacred Spiral,” Yuval Ron, and executive producer of Metta Mindfulness Music, Dr. Richard Gold, are hosting a live stream event as they take an inside look at the creation of Sacred Spiral, a meditative and healing album featuring the world-renowned singer, Úyanga Bold.

Participants will get to listen to excerpts of this enlightening music, watch behind the scenes videos on the creation of this album, and hear from the composer, Yuval Ron, and executive producer Dr. Richard Gold.

Join them on February 6 at 11 am PST: https://yuvalronmusic.com/calendar/sacred-spiral-album-release-live-stream-event/

Production Credits:

All music composed and arranged by Yuval Ron

All vocals performed by Úyanga Bold


Brien Engle – Glass harp (Ethereal Voyage)

Andrew Carney – Flugelhorn (Voice of Freedom)

Chugge Khan – Jaw Harp (Voice of Freedom)

James Hood – PanArt Hang (Mind Vision Invocation)

Shye Ben Tzur – Bansuri flute and vocals (Mysteries of the Heart)

Pandit Nayan Ghosh – Sitar (Water of Forgiveness)

Dennis Karmazyn – Cello (Darkness into Light)

Kenneth Goff – Gongs (Deep Earth Chant)

Andjru Werderitsch – Didgeridoo (Deep Earth Chant)

Drones programming for all tracks: Christopher Whotherspoon and Yuval Ron

Music prep and editing: Zac Rosenblum

Recorded in studios in Mumbai and Jaisalmer, India; Tel Aviv, Israel; Atlanta, Georgia;

Los Angeles; Topanga Canyon; and Grass Valley, CA.

Mixed at Yuval Ron Music, Los Angeles, CA, USA

Mastering: Ben Leinbach

Produced by Yuval Ron

Cover design: Yael Pardess

Executive Producer: Dr. Richard Gold

Published by Metta Mindfulness Music (ASCAP)

(C) Yuval Ron

(P) 2021 Metta Mindfulness MusicProduction Credits: www.mettamindfulnessmusic.com

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Samantha Simmonds-Ronceros
Author: Samantha Simmonds-Ronceros

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