“The Vampire’s Puppet”

“The Vampire’s Puppet”
A review of Zombie Joe’s Underground Theatre’s and Chris Levine Theatre Productions’ “The Vampire’s Puppet”

A review of Zombie Joe’s Underground Theatre’s and Chris Levine Theatre Productions’ “The Vampire’s Puppet” running through October 25.

Well, we are in full horror Halloween swing already and Zombie Joe’s Underground Theatre is the perfect place to turn for frightening, lusty and thrill-filled performances.

“The Vampire’s Puppet” is a retelling of ancient lore. A vampire living in isolation, driven there by his thirst for blood and unwillingness to kill randomly and needlessly for it. 

“The Vampire’s Puppet”
“The Vampire’s Puppet”

A pretty, young, scantily clad and innocent reporter arrives at the vampire’s castle one day, eager to prove herself to the world and uncover the story behind this particular legendary monster.  However, when she meets the vampire recluse, she encounters far more complications than she anticipated and the vampire falls helplessly in love.  It’s an age-old tale, but one given the classic Zombie Joe treatment of chilling and vivid ingenuity and one with a devilish twist at the end.  

I’m always amazed by the fearlessness of all the Zombie Joe’s productions. Every actor willing to put every ounce of reservation aside to fulfill the vision. Every play created to titilate, stimulate, fascinate and postulate on questions of honor, lust, love, survival and humanity.  “The Vampire’s Puppet” is the perfect example of all this and with brilliant performances to boot.

If you fear the darkness then Zombie Joe’s Theatre is no place for you. But, if you posess the urge to push yourself to the limits of your psyche, and perhaps a little further, then you have found your home.  

“The Vampire’s Puppet” is a perfect play for the thrill seeker, the voyeur, those of you with a passion for extremely realistic vampires and writhing sensual nightmares of darkness and desire. 

I love this time of year, and not just because I’m a Halloween baby!  It’s playful and joyous and creepy and there are monsters everywhere!  Zombie Joe’s Theatre in a nutshell!!

“The Vampire’s Puppet,” written by Chris Levine, directed by Zombie Joe and featuring Chris Levine and Maddison Bullock, is running through October at the brilliant Zombie Joe’s Underground Theatre, which has thankfully survived the pandemic…It must be the dark arts hard at work!


Running October 10, 11, 17,18, 24 & 25, 2021


Zombie Joe’s Underground Theatre

4850 Lankershim Blvd.

NoHo Arts District, CA 91601



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