The MaD JaCKRaTS “Makin a Movie”

LPNS Improv's The MaD JaCKRaTS “Makin a Movie” Review
LPNS Improv's The MaD JaCKRaTS “Makin a Movie” Review

LPNS Improv has moved The MaD JaCKRaTS to a great new space, The H.E.ART MKM Cultural Arts Center on the corner of Tujunga and Chandler in the NoHo Arts District. I hadn’t seen The MaD JaCKRaTS perform their “Makin a Movie” show since Covid descended upon us.  However, I didn’t realize how much I missed live theatrical productions until I saw this seamless improv production.  I was glad to see a packed audience with everyone still wearing masks…and in peace!  

What is The MaD JaCKRaTS “Makin a Movie” show ?

Well, there’s nothing quite as fun as live, improvised comedy, and LPNSImprov troupe The MaD JaCKRaTS deliver a fun take on the art form with their monthly comedy show “Makin’ a Movie.” Each show opens with a quick musical parody based on the month’s theme and then continues with three improvised segments that the audience suggests This talented group weaves each suggestion into a hilarious “mini-movie” on the spot. 

There were two troupes performing in February, The MaD JaCKRaTS and The MaD RooKieRaTS,  for a total of 13 talented and creative individuals who pulled out all the stops to make sure the audience exploded with laughter and ear-shattering applause.These talented actors were able to please a diverse audience of ages and backgrounds.  Both groups kept me engaged throughout the show and I truly was mesmerized at their ability to create the funniest stories around a simple suggest from an audience member.

The MaD JaCKRaTS performers are a dedicated and hugely gifted bunch!  I gave a standing ovation to not only the troupes but also to Lauren Patrice Nadler who staged this production and shares her incredible training in acting and her ability to be creative and hilarious again and again.

LPNS Improv's The MaD JaCKRaTS “Makin a Movie” Review
LPNS Improv’s The MaD JaCKRaTS “Makin a Movie” Review

The MaD JaCKRaTS have been a mainstay of NoHo theatre for years and we are so happy that they will be continuing their tradition of excellence for many more to come!

Don’t miss The MaD JaCKRaTS “Makin a Movie” show. 


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The H.E.ART MKM Cultural Arts Center
11401 Chandler Blvd.
NoHo Arts District, CA 91601


Nancy Bianconi
Author: Nancy Bianconi