Lauren Patrice Nadler Studios (LPNS) 

Lauren Patrice Nadler Studios
LPNSImprov presents The MaD JaCKRaTS' "Makin' a Movie"

The unofficial NoHo motto is: “NoHo is only as great as its people.” This winter we are highlighting some of our awesome creative neighbors in the NoHo Arts District. This week features Lauren Patrice Nadler Studios (LPNS) and the LPNSImprov show The MaDJaCKRaTS’ “Makin’ a Movie.”

Lauren Patrice Nadler Studios
Dramatic Scene in live class at LPN Studios with Emmy Winner Olivia Rose Keegan and MaD JaCKRaT Edward Llerena. 

Tell us a bit about Lauren Patrice Nadler Studios (LPNS) and LPNSImprov show?

Thank you for taking the time to reach out for this interview on behalf of my acting school and my LPNSImprov show. It really is a joy to have these two creative outlets working hand-in-hand. However they are wildly different in purpose. 

The school is a full service acting school that focuses on elevating actors to great heights in both drama and comedy, while fostering an environment that encourages commitment to character development. The classes are primarily scene study classes but I open each class with an unusual improvisational format segment. This format ultimately became the inspiration for the LPNSImprov monthly show, which we first mounted in July 2014. 

By “we“ I mean my partner, Tina Orloff and I, who at the time was a student of LPNStudios. She recognized that what we were doing in the opening segments was very “show worthy” and we launched into a partnership we are still in 7 1/2 years later. 

What sets your scene study classes apart?

In addition to each class opening with this unique improv format, in the scene work portion of the class primary attention is paid to details, creativity and risk. What sets that apart are several things. We mainly work on scenes from contemporary plays, with complex characters. I select plays based on their difficulty level, to stretching actors range, as well, the style of writing can accommodate the genres of television and film. We commit to an intensive deep dive, peeling back the layers of each character while blending elements of many of the reputable and historical acting techniques. In some cases the students will work on entire one act plays over time,  which could take months. This allows them to really develop the character, the environment, the relationships, the history, etc. In other cases a student will work on a scene for three to four weeks. Either way I introduce special, innovative exercises and processes which I’ve developed over time. They are unique and expansive and can prepare any actor for the real world/work. You’d have to experience it to fully understand. 

Lauren Patrice Nadler Studios
MaD JaCKRaTS Official Poster

Since each “Makin’ a Movie” has a theme, what is the February theme? Do you have one set for March? 

The theme of the show is different each month, dictated by a holiday, event or a season. The segment suggestions are written down by members of the audience and put into a hamster-ball (fitting for a JaCKRaT:) in the lobby prior to the show. The MJRs pull them from the ball at random and launch into three unforgettable spontaneous segment per show. 

Most of the themes are now the same theme annually. For example March is always St Paddy‘s day, October is always Halloween, May has been our MaY CaBaReT with a special musical number, July is our anniversary month, and in honor of one of our original members, Kuali’i Wittman, August is our AuGuST ALoHa. November is Thanksgiving and December we are dark while we take the time away for the holiday season. June is Father’s Day/Gay Pride. We make up April and September each year and February oscillates between Valentine’s Day and Awards season. However this year we’re just going to introduce our new troupe and call it The MaD FeeLiNG FaBuLouS Show. 

All of the shows that do not open with a troupe, open with a sketch or musical number, written and recorded by Micky Shiloah and choreographed by Tina Orloff. It is a true comedy variety show. 

Future Dates:

All shows are the third Sunday at 7:30pm

February 20th
March 20th
April 17th
May 15th
June 19th
July 17th
August 21st
September 18th
October 16th
November 20th


How does and actor become one of The MaD JaCKRaTS?

Becoming a MaDJaCKRaT in the LPNSImprov show is a very interesting journey. It started about nine years ago when I opened up the improv portion of the class to the whole studio. If you were enrolled in one class you were welcome to attend another class as a “visitor“ and participate in the improv portion. 

In order to get great at this improv, you’d have to show up often, not just physically on the day of class, but you’d need to participate frequently in each segment in order to grow characters and fully get the hang of it. It’s a complicated format, which ultimately looks easy breezy, simple and fun to the spectator. However, it involves juggling a lot and engaging quickly. 

The MaD JaCKRaTS create complex, detailed environments, split screens, and flashbacks. They are quick change artists, and use props, reset furniture to literally turn each moment into a scene that you could watch on television and film, totally spontaneously. That’s why the show is actually called “Makin’ a Movie” with The MaD JaCKRaTS. You really have to see it to believe it. 

After I had been running this improv in class for years, and allowing all the students in all classes to blend, there were a few that opted to show up to almost every day of class, hence developing their skill to a point where it couldn’t be contained in just the classroom. Tina and I started meeting to develop the format into a show and that handful became the cast. 

In LPNStudios, after a minimum of a year developing specific characters, you can be considered for a troupe if you are “ready“ to perform in front of our live audience. Some start in opening troupes, others performed as a guest star (like Kyle Allen: “West Side Story,” “American Horror Story,” “He-Man”) and ultimately are asked to join. As a handful fell away to do TV and movies and other endeavors, we were able to add in the talent that make up the current group, an absolutely outstanding well oiled, hilarious, harmonious family. They are: Tina Orloff, Micky Shiloah, Kuali’i Whitman, Ricardo Adam Zarate, Rachel Thundat, Andrew Gabriel, and Edward Llerena 

The MaD JaCKRaTS in the LPNSImprov MaD AuGuST ALoHa show in 2021.

Who are The MaD RooKieRaTS?

The February opening troupe are The MaD RooKieRaTS. They are the fourth troupe to open the show. 

The first troupe was The BaBYJaCKRaTS in 2017. This group included Micheal Provost (Insatiable), Rudy Pankow (Outerbanks) guest stars Suraj Partha, Fidelia Grace and three of the current MaD JaCKRaTS. 

The second troupe were the MiNi BaBY JaCKRaTS from the teen class at LPNStudios. 

The third troupe were The JuNior JaCKRaTS. This group launched literally in the second to last show before the quarantine. It has since taken on a different shape and several of the JuNioR JaCKRaTS are now MaD RooKieRaTS. This group will rotate Matthew Kenneth Acho, Sydnee Elizabeth Smith, Nemi Brooks, Rachel McCormick, Gage Bitloft, Joel Matthew, Miloh England, John William Connolly and Ema Doenges!! 

What advice do you have for an actor wishing to come to L.A. to pursue an acting career?

The best advice I can give any actor coming to L.A. to get started is to get into a great class. Not because I’m a teacher… though I am a teacher because I believe that is the only way to get started — and the way to cultivate the skill sets needed to succeed long term as an actor. 

Ultimately, an actor can make more money than a doctor, and a doctor needs to go to school for seven years. Actors can find intermittent measures of success along the way, but being educated and grounded is incredibly important in this crazy business. 

I started as an actor myself and I didn’t have a lot of career guidance. Finding and growing those aspects was the bulk of my experience early in my career. It’s not easy to find your people any place new and it’s definitely not easy to find your people in L.A. In this business and here, you need to connect with a community you can trust, that makes you feel good about yourself and is also honest with you. 

All in all, being really great at what you do, your craft, is the thing that’s going to make the mark you want to make. After all what do you want to be known for? Take your time, one step at a time … with the first steps being getting into a great class and creating community. Also, listen to your instincts. I always say “Don’t listen to anyone, even me, if it doesn’t agree with your own sensibilities. Idolize no one.“

Getting ready for a live Saturday class at LPNStudios. Pictured: Natalie Pheffer, Jazmine Robinson, Michael Provost, Ben Burns, Joel Matthew, Isabella Dake, Josue Adeyeye. Olivia Singer, Matthew Kenneth Acho, Edward Llerena, Austin Bugarin, John William Connolly, Olivia Rose Keegan, Abby Semenick
Getting ready for a live Saturday class at LPNStudios. Pictured: Natalie Pheffer, Jazmine Robinson, Michael Provost, Ben Burns, Joel Matthew, Isabella Dake, Josue Adeyeye. Olivia Singer, Matthew Kenneth Acho, Edward Llerena, Austin Bugarin, John William Connolly, Olivia Rose Keegan, Abby Semenick.

Is there anything you’d like to add?

Finally, I would like to say that I consider getting to do what I do a privilege. To help aspiring actors follow their dreams, usher people with experience to the next level and ultimately have a venue that offers entertainment that is so good for the soul. 

NoHo Arts District has been a big part of that opportunity. My studio is in North Hollywood and the theater is the beautiful The H.E.ART MKM Cultural Arts Center. We are very proud and grateful to be here. 

If interested in classes live or online (no matter where you are in the world) go to: 

If you’re in L.A. on the third Sunday of any month, give yourself the gift of laughter and meet The MaD JaCKRaTS: