Small Space Solitude

No matter where or what we call home, we all deserve a peaceful place to relax and recharge. This just happens to be a one bedroom condo.

We started with a completely blank slate with this one.

The client had discarded everything from the previous residence. We had limited funds for this room. The challenge, as with any space, is to find the best things for the best price. The hunt was on. I found the chocolate leather bed from a major retailer for under 400.00. Next, was to decide what type of case goods to add in the room. Do you match all three pieces or mix it up? We chose to mix things up just a bit. Keeping in the same dark finish, the dresser blends with the night stands, allowing them their own personality.

Everything in the space takes on a very transitional to traditional feel. Meaning, nothing will go out of style.

The dresser was also purchased from a major furniture retailer. Full price was 1900.00, but with a little research we found it on sale. Only 1100.00! That saving allowed for other purchases. The matching nightstands were also found for 1100.00. They were 40% off.

With all the major pieces in place, it was time to finish the room with the soft goods.

The bedding, drapery panels and area rug came in at well under 1000.00. In fact, the area rug came from the living room where it was replaced with a larger one. The eight art pieces above the bed were printed from a book from the client’s collection. And the two larger ones from an art show a few years ago. The chair in the corner had been in the family for over 50 years. We had fabric from a previous project that worked perfectly on the inside and purchased fabric for the outside of the chair.

We spent just under 4000.00 for this room.

ot a bad price when we needed to purchased everything. Now you can actually spend a bit less and achieve a look similar. It just takes some planning. Then add a little effort, time and research and you can have a room like this as well.