Paula Standing “The More I Give” Album

Paula Standing “The More I Give” Album
Paula Standing “The More I Give” Album

Based in Australia, Paula Standing’s “The More I Give” album is a gorgeous blend of folk, country and Americana rock.  

“The More I Give” is also the title track off this albumand reached number one on the OZ RADIO Gold National Charts in June of this year. I can understand why. It’s my favourite on the album and a really wonderful heart-rending song.

Though, every song on this melancholy, poignant album is great.  Authentic, poetic, simple and sincere. Much like Paula Standing’s voice.

Paula Standing “The More I Give” Album
Paula Standing “The More I Give” Album

Understated music like this is what makes the world go round.  Memorable, effortlessly connecting to the listener.  Each song is a story with a purpose, holding a myriad of meaning for all.

Paula Standing is a bit of a dark horse.  These songs might seem straight forward enough at first listen. However, she has a secret weapon. Talent.  

Hidden beneath the deceptively simple structure, the classic approach to songwriting, composition and refrain, is the kind of familiarity of rhythm and rhyme that makes for a hit.  

Paula Standing and her band of wonderful musicians make music you can live your life to. Ups and downs, heartache and loss, hope and love.  It’s all here in this beautifully crafted record.  I absolutely loved it, and I’m no softy when it comes to music. But these lovely songs are blissful sweetness to my ears!!!


Rod McCormack -Acoustic guitars, Banjo, Papoose, Dobro, Mandolin, Tenor guitar, Piano, Keyboard, Percussion, Programming & Backing Vocals

Jeff McCormack – Bass

Jeff Taylor – Piano and Accordion

Andy Leftwich – Mandolin and Violin

Pat Crowley – Piano and Accordion on Hiding Out In Tuscany (recorded by Fran Kelly)

Producer: Rod McCormack


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