Nine Winning One-Acts

The Group Rep presents     


Produced by Belinda Howell and Helen O’Brien

The Group Rep at the Lonny Chapman Theatre is celebrating their third “Play Fest” with the world premiere of “NINE WINNING ONE-ACTS.”  Nine wonderful plays have been selected from 250 submissions from all over the US, and there is something here for everyone.

In Act One: “WHOSE PLOT IS THIS?” by Pamela Weiler Grayson (directed by Linda Alznauer), “CLIFFORD’S” by Lawson Caldwell (directed by Cheryl Crosland), A “MISINTERPRETATION OF EVENTS” by Margie Semilof (directed by Bruce Nehlsen), “THE LIBRARIEST” by Dan O’Day (directed by Jack Csenger),  and “BLUE BENCH” by Aleks Merilo (directed by Helen O’Brien). 

In Act Two:  “ART ATTACK” by Cary Pepper (directed by Victor D’wayne Little), “INFESTING THE MOB” by Joe Starzyk (directed by Kathleen Delaney), “THE UNFORGIVEABLE SIN OF FORGIVENESS” by Rich Orloff (directed by Stan Mazin), and last, but definitely not least, “DESTINY & DAMAGE” by Chris Shaw Swanson (directed by Barbara Brownell).

NINE WINNING ONE ACTS is a lot to cover in one review.  But suffice it to say many are ‘fall off the chair’ funny, some are poignant, and most have unexpected plots. 

ACT ONE;  “WHOSE PLOT IS THIS” is based in the afterlife, has Alan purchasing a burial plot, and is funny, funny, funny.  “CLIFFORD’S” lets you see there are ways to have a discussion, and possibly change someone’s mind in the process.  “A MISINTERPRETATION OF EVENTS” illustrates how times have changed and the difficult choices that have to be made.  “THE LIBRARIEST” displays a book plot, and how that plot might scare us to death.  “BLUE BENCH” brings us to the circus, the revelation of a young boy, and the torment of being disfigured. 

ACT TWO:  “ART ATTACK” is set in an art gallery.  He is an art snob and criticizes her for not understanding what ‘art’ really is.  Or is it art after all?  “INFESTING THE MOB” is hysterical, and has two, two-bit mobsters meeting for an espresso.  They turn out to not be as tough as they think they are.  “THE UNFORGIVEABLE SIN OF FORGIVENESS” is funny and has her returning home after a night of bridge.  He knows she hasn’t been playing bridge.  What has she been playing?  You start to question what you are hearing.  “DESTINY & DAMAGE” brings us to the point of no return.  What do we do when we are faced with the ultimate decision? 

This is an exceptionally great group of nine premiere plays for this third Play Fest.  The writing, direction and acting on everyone’s part were thoroughly entertaining and accomplished.  Funny, funny, funny, poignant and thoughtful.  All this is one show.  How great is that?!  This presentation from The Group Rep is a winner, and a great evening, or afternoon, of theatre.


Cast:  Nick Asaro, Bix Barnaba, Michele Bernath, Barbara Brownell, Cynthia Bryant, Fox Carney, Stephanie Colet, Cheryl Crosland, Bert Emmett, Kait Haire, Doug Haverty, Mishia Marie-Johnson, Saana Laigren, John Ledley, Victor D’wayne Little, Stan Mazin, Lisa McGee Mann, Joseph Marcello, Helen O’Brien, Beccy Quinn, Michael Robb, Judy Rosenfeld, Adam Smith, Aidan Smith, Sal Valletta, Sascha Vanderslik, David Vu and Wyatt Wheeler.  CAST VARIES

Directors:  Linda Alznauer, Barbara Brownell, Cheryl Crosland, Jack Csenger, Kathleen Delaney, Victor D’wayne Little, Stan Mazin, Bruce Nehlsen, and Helen O’Brien.

Technical Director:  Kenny Harder

Sound Design:  Steve Shaw

Stage Manager:  Jody Bardin

Assistant Stage Manager:  Linda Alznauer

Photography/Videography:  Doug Engalla

Graphic Design:  Doug Haverty

Public Relations: Nora Feldman

Lonny Chapman Theatre

10900 Burbank Blvd

North Hollywood, CA 91601


Plays:  June 8th – July 14th:       Saturdays at 4:00 pm;       Sundays at 7:00 pm

Tickets:  General Admission at $20;      Students/Seniors with ID at $17;

Buy Tickets:       OR       (818) 763-5990

2 Hour Running Time with one intermission (not included in overall time)

MATURE SUBJECT MATTER – loud noises, adultery, prop gun, suicide, etc.



Samantha Simmonds-Ronceros
Author: Samantha Simmonds-Ronceros

Samantha Simmonds-Ronceros is a British writer and filmmaker living In Los Angeles.