My Son The Waiter – A Jewish Tragedy

Philip Roger Roy and Presley Theatre Corp Present “My Son The Waiter – A Jewish Tragedy” at The Colony Theatre.

Brad Zimmerman has spent the better part of the last 30 years as a waiter. 

In LA, of course, we are extremely familiar with that most heroic of hybrids, the actor/waiter, but for Mr Zimmerman’s family it was a particularly hard pill to swallow. Hence the ‘Jewish tragedy.’

This performance, part stand up, part monologue, is an homage to Zimmerman’s life.  A testimony to his belief in his choice to act, regardless of how long it took, regardless of how many baskets of bread or bad tips or his families hopes and dreams of an easier life for him.

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His set is his journey.  From college, switching majors to acting, to New York, where his hundreds of acting classes and failed auditions surely helped to develop his beautiful sarcasm and hilarious bitterness. After a couple of decades of acting abuse, he took a stand up class and finally found a career.  Opening for Joan Rivers and George Carlin, he took his failures and crushing defeats and turned them into classic, laugh-out-loud jokes.  His pathetic love life, his hopeful mother, his dear departed father, his lazy work ethic with regard to his long-term work in restaurants…all stellar material, full and rich and authentic and familiar.

Mr Zimmerman is a clever man.  He is also a very, very funny man and his honesty and openness make for the most perfect stand up, one that moves us while it makes us cry with laughter.  He is a comedian’s comedian, as attested by Carlin and Rivers and many other legends who have worked with him.  I cannot encourage you enough to spend an hour or so with this brilliant, bittersweet wit…you will not regret it.

“My Son The Waiter – A Jewish Tragedy”

Written by and Starring Brad Zimmerman

Running from April 19 through June 10, Thursday, 3pm & 8pm, Friday 8pm, Saturday 3pm & 8pm, Sunday 3pm.

The Colony Theatre, 555 N. Third Street, Burbank, CA 91502