Meet VK Lynne, a NoHo Vocalist and Songwriter.

VK Lynne
Meet VK Lynne, a NoHo vocalist and songwriter.

The unofficial NoHo motto is: “NoHo is only as great as its people.” This summer we are highlighting some of our awesome creative neighbors. This week we feature a North Hollywood musician. Meet VK Lynne, a NoHo vocalist and songwriter.  (Also known as the Priestess in Pink!)

You can catch VK Lynne on the Gritty in Pink Instagram Live virtual stage and fundraiser tonight, Tuesday, July 6 at 6PM.

It’s a sneak peek at the Gritty in Pink Pop-Up Show at Pitfire Pizza NoHo on Thursday, July 8.

Describe your style of music. 

 I write and perform rock that has a blues base and a metal edge.

Why did you create The Spider Accomplice?

The Spider Accomplice was born out of a desire to collaborate with other musicians and experiment with more complex writing styles. Arno Nurmisto, my bandmate and writing partner, is an incredibly creative composer, and together, I believe we’ve crafted a unique sound.

Tell us more about your Twitch sessions.

When the pandemic hit, bands were, of course, unable to perform live. I didn’t want to disappoint our fans, and I thought, ‘this will all be over in a few weeks, right?’ So I started livestreaming acoustic solo shows every Saturday at 5:00 pm. But 2 things quickly became clear- the folks who tuned in really enjoyed the format, and the lockdown wasn’t ending anytime soon. My 57th episode was June 26th.

Check out VK Lynne’s Twitch>>

Why did you join Gritty in Pink? 

I’m a big believer in supporting your peers. Women, particularly in music, are often pitted against each other, made to believe ‘there’s only room for one,’ and organizations like Gritty in Pink change that narrative. We encourage each other, work together, and help each other. Success isn’t finite; there’s enough for everyone.

What do you like about living in NoHo? 

NoHo has been my home for almost 20 years, and I love it because of proximity. It straddles space between the urban conveniences of freeway accessibility, restaurants and shops (for example those on Lankershim and Magnolia) and the calm of residential neighborhoods (Burbank, Toluca Lake).

What would you like to see more of in NoHo? 

Small businesses. The impetus to develop when a neighborhood becomes popular usually leads to chain restaurants and box stores. That inevitably destroys everything that made the area desirable to begin with. We need to protect what makes us unique.

Meet VK Lynne, a NoHo vocalist and songwriter.

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