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We love it when locally owned establishments join the community and integrate art into their business in any way they can. After all, why did they choose the NoHo Arts District? Because it’s an arts district! So they must appreciate the arts, right? The neighborhood has worked hard for 20 years to build and maintain a strong arts community and appreciate businesses that give back to the community that gives to them. It’s our job as a neighborhood to #KeepNoHoArtsy.

 Video by @Avichee.

Urban Kebab saw artist Tomer Peretz’s work on Instagram, loved it, and asked him to help incorporate art into their new restaurant.

Tomer Peretz Urban Kebab mural via
Photo by @Avichee.

Who is Tomer Peretz?

Tomer Peretz is a Los Angeles-based conceptual artist and painter. An artist since his childhood in Jerusalem, Peretz utilizes a spectrum of platforms, including oil and acrylic painting, photography, and conceptual art, to express his unique and contemporary point of view. With an appreciation for realism, surrealism and the unknown, his breadth of work spans across contemporary and figurative art. Every piece highlights an underlying theme, element of mystery and more than meets the eye. Peretz does not paint in vain. A traveler and spiritual wanderer, his work is inspired by stories and people that have impacted his life and spirit as he captures his subject in a raw and candid light. A passionate philanthropist and visionary, his art and installations serve to highlight his passions and beliefs and have helped raise money for philanthropic causes he strongly resonates with.

You’re a painter, photographer and conceptual artist. Do you have a favorite?

I started as a painter, but through the years I got so many jobs that made me a conceptual artist. I like them all!

Do you have a favorite painter, photographer and street artist?

I have many! Damian Hirst, David Lachapple, Dali.

What do you like about NoHo and what would you like to see more of in the neighborhood?

I like the people, they are so cool. I wish they had better restaurants and more art on walls. NoHo got so much nicer in the last few years and I hope more people get to see and experience that.

What’s coming up for Tomer?

Many things! He has been working on private portrait commisions and is returning to exhibit his work not only in L.A. but all over the world. Locally, Tomer’s work is on display at “The Future is Now” exhibit at Art Share L.A. until September 1.  He has also been invited to exhibit at Fabrica Eos gallery in Milan, Italy.

Tomer is currently working on a project of portraits of popular political leaders and their controversial views. Plus, he is creating pieces for a new and never done before art installation of a terror attack that he was exposed to as a child.

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(we’re looking forward to this collaboration…bassa sababa)

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