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“I Hear So Extremely Loud”

“I Hear So Extremely Loud”
“I Hear So Extremely Loud”

“I Hear So Extremely Loud” will have an encore performance at the Hollywood Fringe Festival on Saturday, September 11 at 8:30PM. The Plight of a Generation: Taking on school shootings with a one-woman-show.

Featuring a Q&A with a survivor of Parkland, “I Hear So Extremely Loud” is a brave look at the trauma of this generation.

“I Hear So Extremely Loud” is a one-person-show written and performed by Ava Hase, which follows the stories of real people who have been impacted by school shootings in America. Their experiences have been transcribed verbatim from interviews, videos, and personal stories. Directed by Oscar Falcon, the play serves as both a collective catharsis and a call for examination of our world and ourselves.

“I Hear So Extremely Loud”
“I Hear So Extremely Loud”

The project has been very process-driven, as Hase has connected and worked directly with all of the individuals quoted in the piece to learn more about their stories and to ensure their approval.

Hase is originally from New York and currently studying in the BFA Acting program at CalArts. This is her first self-devised and written theatrical project. Her directorial debut short film “KITTY KITTY” recently premiered at the acclaimed NoBudge.

The young artists and students behind this project bring a unique and potent perspective to both the stage and to this issue as a whole, as they have all experienced growing up in this age of fear and lock-down drills.

“I Hear So Extremely Loud” will premiere at The Hudson Guild Theatre in L.A. as part of the Hollywood Fringe Festival this August. 


“I Hear So Extremely Loud”  at the Hollywood Fringe Festival.


Saturday, September 11 @ 8:30pm


The Hudson Guild Theatre 
6539 Santa Monica Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90038



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“I Hear So Extremely Loud”