Daryl Bibicoff | Arts In Motion Series

Daryl Bibicoff Arts In Motion Series
Daryl Bibicoff Arts In Motion Series

Exhibiting in Santa Clarita, Daryl Bibicoff is an excellent choice to showcase his “In Motion” series, displayed by Santa Clarita Arts.

With a vast support network, Santa Clarita Arts bolsters local businesses through a network of art provisions, connections, and advocacies. Santa Clarita Arts telegraphed a call for submissions, and Bibicoff responded.

Currently residing in Los Angeles, Daryl Bibicoff is a painter and digital arts artist. Regardless of each work’s medium, Bibicoff promotes peaceful movement in contest to prejudice and suppression. The “In Motion” series exhibited at Art Space @ Valencia Town Center aims for visual harmonization of the social and the political. 

Daryl Bibicoff Arts In Motion Series

Personally, Bibicoff is a competitive runner and cyclist; professionally, Bibicoff has riffed on motion as a theme throughout his artworks. Bibicoff’s fervor for movement lies in the movement for equality. The motion motif authentically communicates an invitation to move; this invitation extends beyond the physical, and invites political movement (be it for BLM, LGBTQIA, or world cultures).

Daryl Bibicoff Arts In Motion Series

Likewise a touchstone to the Westfield food court, Bibicoff added “Food in Motion” as a counter to fast food. Food in motion is a direct call to move (and eat) “not so fast.”  Aside from double entendres, Bibicoff’s theme of motion captures daily movement, movement in untraditional spaces, movement toward and away from social and political ends (and means to ends), as well as interrogates the limitations of visual art with motion as its theme.

Daryl Bibicoff Arts In Motion Series
Daryl Bibicoff Arts In Motion Series

Bibicoff is uniquely displayed at Art Space @ Valencia Town Center. Art Space @ Valencia Town Center features two (and three) dimensional solo art exhibits. This art space was provided to the City of Santa Clarita by Westfield Valencia Town Center, and offers a setup which pushes art into the center of bustling commerce.

While a bit tucked away (and with many shopkeepers not even aware of its existence), it is a gem and guerilla art display worth a look.


Daryl Bibicoff | “Arts in Motion”


Art Space @ Valencia Town Center
24201 Valencia Blvd.
Santa Clarita, CA 91355



Wednesday, July 28, 2021 6 PM PDT – 8 PM PDT


MON – SAT 10am – 9pm
SUN 11am – 6pm



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