Meet the Free Little Art Gallery NoHo

The Free Little Art Gallery NoHo.
The Free Little Art Gallery NoHo.

The unofficial  NoHo motto is: “NoHo is only as great as its people.” This summer we are highlighting some of our awesome creative neighbors. This week we feature the Free Little Art Gallery NoHo

We spoke with Bethany, the family who set up our neighborhood free little art gallery.

A Free Little Art Gallery is a place for the community to share art with each other. People are welcome to leave art, take art, or just enjoy viewing the art. We just ask that the patrons and furniture remain in the gallery.

LOCATION: the corner of Carpenter and Calvert

The Free Little Art Gallery NoHo.
The Free Little Art Gallery NoHo.

What is your art background?

I enjoy visiting art museums and viewing art and my husband is an AP Art teacher at a high school in Woodland Hills, CA.

Why did you start one in NoHo?  

During the pandemic we were so moved by our neighbor’s creativity (skeletons, light displays, dinosaur dioramas, etc.). We came across the FLAG in Seattle (@free_little_art_gallery) on Instagram and were inspired to share art and creativity with our neighbors and pass along the joy that they had given us during the quarantine over the past year. Our friends and neighbors Laura and Dan were excited about the idea and were able to build a gorgeous gallery and help us install it. Our daughters helped out too and have both contributed pieces to the gallery!

Do you have themes for the FLAG exhibits?  

We do not have themes right now. We want people to feel comfortable dropping off any type of art!

How can artists participate in the NoHo Flag?  

Artists are welcome to drop off their pieces in the gallery at any time. All mediums are accepted (paintings, drawings, sculpture, jewelry, pottery, weaving, etc.). Note your name and/or Instagram and we will tag you when we post.

What do you like about the NoHo Arts District?  

We have lived in NoHo for 11 years. We love the creativity and diversity of the area. There is a sense of community here that is hard to find in other areas of Los Angeles.

What would you like to see more of in NoHo?

I would like to see more community events in NoHo, I really enjoy getting out and meeting my neighbors!

Thanks for helping to #KeepNoHoArtsy!

Francesca del Console
Author: Francesca del Console

Francesca is a program manager at L.A. Cultural Exchange, an arts-focused student exchange program in Los Angeles, CA. She brings international and U.S. dancers, actors, singers, musicians, etc. to study and train in LA.