Ajay Mathur’s “Talking Loud”

Ajay Mathur’s “Talking Loud”
Ajay Mathur’s “Talking Loud.” Photo by Jean-Pierre Ritler.

A NoHo Arts music review of Ajay Mathur’s “Talking Loud” album.

I’m so happy to have an entire album of Ajay Mathur’s wonderful, poetic and uplifting songs! I reviewed his first track from this album, “I Need You,”  last summer, and loved it to death!! I have included the lovely video for you, so you can see what I mean.

The rest of this luxuriously cross-cultural album is just as good, all billowing sitars and spiraling guitars and beautiful heart-beat rhythms. The songs are balletic, boisterous and balanced, while they trip lightly through the clearly expertly lived life of Ajay Mathur. . . giving us glimpses of his heart.

There are an enormous number of musicians on this record, which gives some understanding of Ajay Muthur’s devotion to his vision.  He’s clearly a huge Beetles fan, but in the best possible way, embracing their eclectic tastes and profound messaging for peace and love and good humour above all else.

Ajay Mathur’s “Talking Loud”
Ajay Mathur’s “Talking Loud.” Photo by Jean-Pierre Ritler.

Ajay Mathur’s “Talking Loud” is an insanely sweet album, but not sickly sweet, just a gorgeously balance window on our world, and one we sorely need to hold tight to right now. The world is teetering on the edge of chaos, we need to be reminded of what is good and worthwhile and art can do that better than anything else. Good art.  And “Talking Loud” is very, very good art.

Favourite song?  “I Need You Now”…still!!


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Website: https://www.ajaymathur.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AjayMathurMusic

Twitter: https://twitter.com/AjayMathurMusic

Ajay Mathur’s “Talking Loud”


All photographs are by Jean-Pierre Ritler. 

Ajay Mathur’s “Talking Loud” is  produced and performed by Ajay Mathur

All songs published by Ajay Mathur Music www.ajaymathurmusic.com

Artist representation Yakketeeyak Music www.yakketeeyak.com

Ajay Mathur – all vocals, electric & acoustic guitars, e-bow guitar, organ & keyboards, field recordings

Fausto Medici – drums and percussion

Richard Hugener – bass

Christian Winiker – lead & rhythm guitars, lap steel guitar, horns arrangement, bass on Common Mistake

Antonia Gasser – backing vocals on Sooner or Later, Talking Loud, Deeper Than Your Skin

Adriana Husy, Patrizia Scarnato – backing vocals on I Need You Now

Samuel Blättler – trumpet on Talking Loud, Stuck on 75

Rolf Ambauen – saxophone on Stuck on 75, Talking Loud

Kalyanjit Das – sitar on I Need You Now, Reasons to Cry

Sandip Banarjee – tablas on I Need You Now, Reasons to Cry

Toni Nesler – string quartet arrangement on Comedian, orchestra arrangement on Reasons to Cry

Yulian Heroim – strings and string arrangements on Sooner or Later, Deeper Than Your Skin

Michael Dolmetsch – piano on Anytime at All 

Steve Birrer – pedal steel on Anytime At All

Gregory Schaerer – bass on I Need You Now

Stevie Blacke – string quartet on Comedian 

All songs recorded by Ajay Mathur at The Lounge, Stans, Switzerland

All songs mixed by Austin Asvanonda, Ventura, CA 

All songs mastered by Emily Lazar at The Lodge, NYC, assisted by Chris Allgood, except 

Anytime At All and Reasons to Cry mastered by Austin Asvanonda 

Phillip Larsen remixed Anytime At All (Aftermath of Silence) and Talking Loud (Remix) 

Album artwork and design by Ajay Mathur 

Worldwide physical distribution by ZYX Music.