Ajay Mathur’s “I Need You Now”

Ajay Mathur’s “I Need You Now”
Ajay Mathur’s “I Need You Now”

Don’t hate me. But I kind of love Ajay Mathur’s “I Need You Now” single!! Maybe I’m tired of introspection and darkness, I’m in need of something uplifting, warm, romantic and hopeful! Aren’t we all though?? 

Ajay Mathur is a brilliant songwriter, he’s Grammy nominated in fact and quite a big deal in Germany.  He calls himself a “citizen of the world” and I can understand why. Born in India, based in Switzerland, his music is certainly cross cultural.

“I Need You Now” is a melodic, uplifting rock track, liberally laced with voluminous sitars, tablas, lovely vocals, rhythmic guitars and gorgeous percussion. 

This is a perfect summer song. Authentic, fun, rousing and sweetly sung.  It’s wonderfully catchy too. In fact, I’ve been humming it all day, which is not a bad sign at all!! I love mixed cultural music. We need places where we can all connect as humans and recognise our similarities, our roots, our collective essence. Ajay Mathur’s “I Need You Now” is is a perfect example of this.  A song for all of us, because more than ever, we all need each other now. Loved it!!!!!

Ajay Mathur’s “I Need You Now”
Ajay Mathur’s “I Need You Now”

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Song written and produced by Ajay Mathur. 

Music performed by Fausto Medici, drums and percussion / Gregory Schaerer, bass / Kalyanjit Das, Sitar / Sandip Banerjee, Tablas / Adriana Husy & Patrizia Scarnato, backing vocals / Ajay Mathur, all vocals, guitars

Produced and recorded by Ajay Mathur at The Lounge, Stans, NW

Mixed by Austin Asvanonda, Ventura, CA

Mastered by Emily Lazar at The Lodge, NYC, assisted by Chris Allgood.


Website: https://www.ajaymathur.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AjayMathurMusic

Twitter: https://twitter.com/AjayMathurMusic

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