3 Things to Consider When Planning a Micro-Wedding in NoHo Arts District

3 Things to Consider When Planning a Micro-Wedding in NoHo Arts District
Photo by Wu Jianxiong on Unsplash.

As the wedding industry is slowly getting back on its feet, many couples are deciding to cancel their large wedding plans and go for something simple, yet intimate, that fits with the unprecedented times: micro-weddings. 

Micro-weddings are intimate and meaningful, as they even offer unique advantages when compared to traditional weddings. Not only will they offer a cozier atmosphere and a smaller guest list, but you can also focus on the smaller details to make the big event more special and romantic. Thankfully, the NoHoArts District offers ways to do this in a budget-friendly way. So how do you plan your dream day during a pandemic? Here are three things to consider when planning a micro-wedding in the NoHo Arts District.

Choose Your Setting

Don’t let the pandemic stop you from having your dream wedding. Decide upfront if you want to celebrate inside or outside, but be sure to keep an open mind, as some venues offer both. LA Fumee offers a sleek private lounge for modern events. If you’re looking for something whimsical, Bexx Secret Garden offers a teatime special that’ll make you forget you’re still in the city. 

List Your Guests

Planning an intimate celebration means having a smaller guest list. Currently, the maximum number of guests allowed at a wedding is 30, including the bride and groom. While the officiant is no longer included, it is recommended that you keep the invitations limited to your closest inner circle. Whether that counts as your immediate family or best friends, consider those who you couldn’t imagine being without on your big day. 

As a compromise, consider having a ‘Zoom’ wedding: some venues like LA Fumee and Charming Cafe have the technical capabilities to host as many ‘guests’ as you like by streaming your ceremony through a Zoom call. Not only is it a simple solution to get everyone involved, but it also allows you to include those living far away. If you have children, consider making them sign bearers: children can hold charming signs to narrate to Zoom guests what’s happening, making them an important part of your day and bridging the gap between virtual guests and real-life ones.

Personalize the Details That Matter 

Once you’ve got the list and venue down, the fun part begins! After all, a micro-wedding means you can put more of your budget and personality into the details. Consider personalizing party favors to make guests feel special. You could even stray away from the traditional trinkets, and offer interactive elements like portrait artists, take-home snacks, and even a welcome bag.

Since a micro-wedding means more face time with those you live with, consider hiring a planner or even a day-of-wedding coordinator to help manage the entire event. They’ll be able to help move the guests from place to place if need be, and you won’t have to worry about the side tasks of answering texts and last-minute questions during the big day.