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10 Ways The Groom Can Help With Wedding Planning

Keep these groom responsibilities close to your heart, if you will like to discover how to be a supportive groom during the wedding planning process.

Although wedding planning and everything involved with it seem to fall to the bride to be, there are certain ways a groom can get involved to play his own part. Every good thing requires balance, and both sides chipping in would definitely ensure that everything gets done well and in record time. So, if you are a groom unsure about your groom responsibilities, allow us show you a few helpful suggestions.

While your bride might not need your help for the most part, she would feel much better if you put in the effort. From something as little as purchasing a bridal box subscription, to picking up her dress or helping choose the venue, there is no end to the list of things that you can do. Here is a guide or a groom’s wedding checklist you can complete, to show your ever-loving support during the wedding planning.

  1. Bridal Boxes

Bridal boxes can be a delight as well as a savior for any bride to be planning her wedding. Asides from providing wedding planning essentials, bridal box subscriptions follow a bride’s journey step by step from engagement until the wedding. The miss to mrs bridal box, in particular, is comprehensive and detailed enough to predict and provide a bride’s needs from essentials to luxurious items that help ease the stress of the planning process. Any groom who can get a wedding subscription box for his bride, would have succeeded in fulfilling up to 50% of his groom wedding planning checklist. So, start early, and start by getting a miss to mrs bride subscription box.  

  1. Budget

Finances are crucial when planning a wedding, and top on our groom’s guide to wedding duties, is to assist with the budget. The decision on how much should be spent, how much is available, and the allocation of funds should be decided well before all the planning begins.

  1. Venue

The venue is one other crucial part in the wedding planning that should be decided together. Therefore, one of the groom’s responsibility for the wedding should be assisting the bride in choosing the venue, and going along to see suggested locations.

  1. Guest List

Another aspect on groom duties for a wedding involves the building of the guest list. While the bride to be would have a list from her side of the family, the groom should have his too. On this both parties would need to collaborate and decide on whom to invite and whom to leave out, together.

  1. Non-Wedding Tasks

While your bride to be is busy with a flurry of activities, a good addition to the list of groom wedding planning duties, would be non-wedding related tasks. Even though women are known as excellent multi-taskers, a number of daily chores on the bride’s part, could be neglected due to the wedding planning. And so, assisting with things like dinner, the laundry, overall cleaning and other such tasks would be a huge help.  

  1. Source the Right Sound Equipment

There are some things that men are generally better at than women. And, if you are one of those guys who is good with sound equipment, then this should be on you. Take on the task of sourcing the right sound equipment and negotiating with the DJ, singer or entertainment person.

  1. Manage the Setting Up of the Bar

Another aspect where you can play to your strengths is in choosing the wine and beers and the general setup of the wedding bar. If there’s any one thing on our list of things for groom to do on wedding day, it is for him and his guys to ensure that the bar runs smoothly.

  1. Follow Up on RSVPs

Following up on the RSVPs can be stressful and also takes a lot of time. This is something else that you can add to your groom to do list, that would be really helpful to the bride. It is one task that is easily overlooked or forgotten, but is crucial to the planning of the wedding.

  1. Listen

With so much going on from communicating with vendors to decorating, finding the right dress and so on. Your bride to be will have a lot on her mind. One of the things you can do to help at this point in time, would be just to listen. Be the person that she can rant to and pour out her heart to.

  1. Be There

Whatever it might be, whether they need a drive to the shop, she needs a second opinion on something or some advice, make yourself available. Don’t be hard to reach at a time like this.

There is no limit on groom responsibilities during wedding planning. But if you need a few pointers, then this guide will be a good place to start.


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Lisa Bianconi

Author: Lisa Bianconi

Editor of www.nohoartsdistrict.com

Lisa Bianconi
Editor of www.nohoartsdistrict.com