10 Ways To Transform Bland-Looking Walls In Your Home

Scandi style dining hall with pictures on the wall

Walls can be spaces in which you can add art and décor. It’d be a waste to leave them blank. Plain walls can be bland-looking most of the time. You can’t just resist redecorating them and adding some personality to them. Empty and bland-looking spaces are blank canvases in which you can add some art.

There are many ways to transform a bland-looking wall. You can always decorate and do whatever you like with it.

Here are some ways in which you can transform your wall:

1. Paint Your Wall

Adding some paint would give life and color to your wall. You can always paint them with anything that’d suit your taste.

  • Graffiti

You can add some graffiti art to your wall. Graffiti is a type of street art wherein words and objects are painted on walls using spray paint. This art style is mostly done in public spaces, but you can also have it on your wall.

You can have graffiti art professionally done. Local Brighton graffiti artists and spray paint artists are just within reach if you’re interested. 

  • Mural

Murals are artworks directly painted on a wall. They’re mostly done in large walls and historical sites. However, you can also have a mural painted on your wall. Murals can be paintings of anything you love and anything that’d bring you comfort. You can paint things such as landscapes, flowers, animals, cars, people and famous places.

It’s also a great way to add some character to your wall. You can have an illustrator do it for you if you want to achieve more professional results. There are many illustrators for hire in London who can do it perfectly for you.

2. Add Wallpaper

Wallpapers are great additions to boring walls. You can always have it done according to your style and choose whatever you like. You can add abstract patterned wallpapers or wallpapers with geometric elements.

3. Add Paintings 

You can add some paintings to your wall too. There are many types of paintings out there for you to choose from. 

You can hang paintings with landscape themes such as oceans, mountains, and trees. Other options are pop art, portrait, and abstract paintings. You can also add your own painting if you feel a little more creative.

4. Add Pictures

Adding pictures is a way to transform your wall. Hanging picture frames of loved ones, memories, and travels is always a good idea. You can try having your favorite pictures printed and make a collage of it. This will add an artistic and sentimental value to your wall.

5. Decorate With Plants And Flowers

Lush plants can also transform any bland-looking wall. You can buy a few potted succulents or flowers so your wall would have a new look.

It doesn’t have to be expensive flowers or plants. Just buy whatever is available in your local store and arrange them accordingly. It’s recommended to opt for low-maintenance house plants for ease.

6. Put Some Lighting

Putting some statement lighting pieces such as bulbs and chandeliers are also a great way to transform your wall. Some fairy lights or Christmas lights would also make your bland-looking wall more lively and well-lit.

7. Add Posters

You can add some posters of your favorite movie, series, or sports team. You can stick whatever you want as long as it suits your style. 

8. Add A Mirror

Mirrors are a great way to transform spaces. Consider adding a mirror to your space to make it look more spacious. Mirrors also significantly improve lighting in the room. So, it’s one way to transform plain bland-looking walls.

9. Add Shelves

You can have shelves installed on walls. Shelves are functional ways to transform your wall. You can have some memorabilia displayed on it or you can use it as an additional storage space.

10. Hang Fabric

Hang some statement fabric such as carpets, fur, or wool. Fabrics with patterns are also great pieces of art to hang, just like paintings and murals. Fabrics can transform your wall by adding some texture to it, so the space won’t look so boring and one-dimensional.

Transforming Your Wall

Just enjoy the process of decorating and redecorating home spaces such as your wall. You have the artistic freedom of doing anything to it.

You can always add things such as artworks, fabrics, mirrors, posters, shelves, and lighting. Having graffiti art and murals painted on your wall is also a good idea. There are many design inspirations online that’d help you find your style. So, don’t be afraid to transform your bland-looking wall.

Author: nohoarts