Aartzy – A fresh outlook to online art buying

It is found that buying art online, is becoming more and more popular with each passing year. More and more art enthusiasts are getting used to purchasing art online and more galleries are now shifting to online platforms. Newer galleries have agreed that more than 80% of their sales have been online, which means they have never met most of their collectors nor the artists. The pandemic was the last straw which helped to create the permanent shift in galleries moving  predominantly to an online option. 

With the variety of options available for almost every genre of art, Aartzy is such an art platform which is new but has been able to establish itself on firm ground and even moving on to be recognized internationally. Founded back in 2018, it began as a simple online store which sells paintings, sculpture and digital prints. The primary objective behind this wonderful initiative was to create a sophisticated, yet uncomplicated art and crafts platform for talented artists. Since there was little or no representation for artists from certain locales to show case their work and receive the much needed recognition in the international arena, this curated website was born representing a variety of genres of art. Aartzy is selective in their displays and choses quality over quantity and strives to maintain a high quality standards for their content. 

Although this website works similar to any other typical online gallery, their business model offers no risk or cost options to artists. They boasts of maintaining transparency in all their transactions and are proud of their extended levels of services. When an artist registers with Aartzy, they not only take on the responsibility to promoting art but also focuses on marketing, promotions, pricing strategies, content development and personal branding, which comes at no additional costs. This is a great load of responsibility taken off the artist which gives them the freedom to focus on what they do best, which is to create beautiful, exquisite art. Artists who are already engaged with Aartzy have applauded the efforts taken by the team, working in a very professional manner at all times.

Artworks available on the platform are all originals from professional and emerging artists from around the globe and they also offer commissioning options. When you purchase a piece, it comes with a certificate of authenticity from the respective artist and all artworks are delivered securely to your doorstep free of any cost. 

The platform is very user friendly and is regularly improved. Aartzy has sold thousands of paintings till date and the number of returning customers and referrals is an indicator of their genuine service, value for money and customer satisfaction, which is something the team is working very hard to maintain. 

Taking all the above factors into consideration, there is no doubt that Aartzy can now be recognized as one of the handful of platforms who have built a name for themselves in a short period of time. Their commitment, professional approach has been key elements in them winning the honor of ‘Canadian Art Store of the Year’ award for 2020/21, presented by Corporate Livewire UK. And they certainly have established themselves amongst the wide range of art communities  and is a renowned platform for anyone looking to purchase good quality art. Therefore this can truly be considered as a breath of fresh air to this ever changing industry.

Aartzy – Let’s make expressions…

Author: nohoarts