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Reviews for North Hollywood Theatres, Burbank Theatres and shows  now playing in Los Angeles and Hollywood theatres.  Theatres include: Los Angeles Valley College, J.E.T. Studios, El Portal Theatre, Actors Forum Theatre, Madrid Theatre, ZJU, and many more.


If I wasn’t a fan of bubblegum music from the 50’s, 60’s, or 70’s, after seeing this, I am now. Playing at the wonderful NoHo Arts Center on Magnolia Blvd, Chew on This, is fun, entertaining and delightful. This musical production brings the audience into a room fashioned after a 12 step program where addiction for bubblegum music has caused the participants to be ashamed and hidden. It is a delightful 90 minute show that is very engaging and will definitely put a smile on your face.

othello revisited review 1

Directed by Stephanie Alkazian Zushi

“Ghost Players Theatre Co. presents a modern adaptation of William Shakespeare's famous tragedy, OTHELLO. Set in the time of a post-apocalyptic war society, it is the story of a noble moor in the Venetian military named Othello. His life and marriage will be ruined by his trusted, envious, and deceitful ensign, a soldier named Iago. This revisited production retells this masterpiece with radical cuts and mildly modernized language without losing its original poetic rhythm.” -


Faith, Survival, and Choices are examined in “Red Like Snow”, a cold and dark thriller follow seven ice climbers who are the only survivors of a disastrous fall through the ice finding themselves entombed at the bottom of a cave and a storm has made the possibility of rescue nearly impossible. This original play by Aerial Segard and Nicholas Rose, is presented at Brick House Theatre, August 8th through September 14th.

Wednesday, 13 August 2014 09:02

Theatre Review - TUCUMCARI

Written by


If you are interested in a play about a love triangle in New Mexico during the dust bowl era, look no further than the Appaloosa Theatre Company’s production of Riley Steiner’s “Tucumcari” playing at the Whitmore-Lindley Theatre Center in the heart of the NoHo Arts District through August 31st.

Tuesday, 12 August 2014 08:51

Theatre Review - Reasons to be Pretty

Written by

Reasons to Be Pretty

Steph was pretty once. It was back in fifth grade, and she keeps the class photo as proof.

New Musical Inc presents

The Max Factor Factor: A New Screwball Musical Comedy


Book by Adrian Bewley
Music by Joe Blodgett
Lyrics by Chana Wise
Directed by Michael A Shepperd
Choreography by Pamela Davis
Produced by Scott Guy

As a first time reviewer I was prepared for anything as I arrived at The NoHo arts Center on opening night for the new musical, The Max Factor Factor. Developed and workshopped for the Celebration Theatre and produced by New Musicals Inc, this “screwball musical comedy” takes us back to the golden age of Hollywood and plays the high stakes game of forbidden love, financial ruin and ruthless ambition.

Thursday, 07 August 2014 11:51

Theatre Review - MOON OVER BUFFALO

Written by

WTV (Wasatch Theatrical Ventures) presents


MOB 0122 Paul Michael Nieman Kimberly Lewis Mark Belnick Paul Galliano - Photo by Ed Krieger

Written by Ken Ludwig
Directed by Kiff Scholl
Produced by Racquel Lehrman, Theatre Planners

RUN DON’T WALK to the fun-filled farce MOON OVER BUFFALO playing at the Grove Theatre Center in Burbank. Written by the talented Ken Ludwig, and brought to life on the Grove stage by Director Kiff Scholl, we have a fantastic production, and one NOT TO BE MISSED!

Thursday, 31 July 2014 21:10


Written by

The Group Rep presents


IMG07 DanielKaemon DiedraCelesteMiranda drinadurazo

Written by Tennessee Williams
Directed by L. Flint Esquerra
Produced by Kellie Brook Malone for the Group Rep

Tempest2014 2

William Shakespeare’s “The Tempest,” storms onto the T.U. Studio stage. This classic romantic comedy is an exhilarating evening with ship wrecks, magic, spirits and monsters, young love, drunken fools, sword play, political conspiracy, betrayal and forgiveness? A Jamaica Moon Production presents, what is said to be Shakespeare’s swan song. This performance is a “No Fear Shakespeare” The Tempest adaptation by John Crowther, (simply said this is an abridged version that has been translated into current day English and blended with original text).

“The Tempest” central figure is deposed Duke Prospero, (Robert May), who has been marooned for a dozen years on an enchanted island with Miranda, (Lauren Plaxco) his young daughter. During his exile, Prospero, a student turned master of sorcery, captured two magical island creatures; a spirit Ariel (Lucy Walsh) and the monstrous son of a witch Caliban (Francis Lansang).

Enlisting his supernatural powers and the aid of his enchanted captive, Prospero is able to bring to the island the enemies who had betrayed him; among them his traitorous brother Antonio, (Glenn Fancher), who seized his position, and Alonso, (Jeff Hamasaki Brown) the King of Naples, who aided in the takeover, and Ferdinand (Chad Doreck), the son of Alonso, who falls in love with Miranda.

Once his enemies are delivered, allowing him to to exact his revenge, he chooses not kill or harm them, though he does use his power to teach them a lesson or two. Instead it is revealed that Prospero’s intent is forgiveness. In the end, love prevails, those enslaved are freed, Prospero is able to return to his Dukedom, and good triumphs over evil.

Tempest2014 5

With laughter and merriment throughout, there were several stand-out performances. Lucy Walsh’s Ariel as a light airy spirit was magnetic. She quivers with fear, dances with glee, bounds into action, and blends imperceptibly as though she were born a spirit.

Francis Lansang’s Caliban was enthralling. His body contorted, face distorted, Francis manages to compassionately give Caliban a soul.

Justin Truesdale’s Stephano and Alex Miller’s Trinculo are an amusing duo well deserving of the laughter and applause garnered by their wild and crazy performances.

Director Gloria Gifford has once again skilfully brought classic theatre to the masses, she is worthy of acclaim.

For an enchanted evening, see William Shakespeare’s “The Tempest.” This performance is entertainment for both the Shakespearian connoisseur, and the nouveau alike.

Robert May (l.), Chad Doreck, Lauren Plaxco, Otari Daneliya, Kevin Ferris, Billy Budinich
Lucy Walsh (l.), Jeff Brown, Christian Maltez, Glenn Fancher.


Wednesday, 16 July 2014 07:09

Theatre Review - WITHOUT ANNETTE

Written by

The World Premiere Comedy


Created & Written by Hope Juber & Jeff Doucette

Directed by Jeff Doucette
Produced by Laurence Juber for Juber Productions & Gabrieal Griego, Green Door Productions

WA Photo 1
(left to right): Mark Beltzman, Julia Morizawa, and Kersten Haile

It isn’t every day that we are fortunate to see the world premiere of a new comedy, and it’s even less frequent that we get to see a GREAT world premiere comedy. WITHOUT ANNETTE is that great World Premiere Comedy.

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