Your Home for the Holidays

The holidays are finally upon us.  And with that comes a little decorating.

There is a plethora of decorating ideas one can use.  But I like to keep it simple for myself.  Here are a few tips to get you started.

  1. The front door.  Some would say is the most important point of decorating.  I always add a wreath to the door.  I find it starts the holiday feeling for your home.  I actually have two; one on either side of the door.  Why only have one for your friends and family to enjoy when stopping by.  I also add a festive floor mat and Poinsettia’s on either side of the door.
  2. The fireplace.  Many of us are lucky enough to have a mantle to decorate.  For me, it’s the second most important spot to design.  I dress it up with garland, pine cones, ornaments and candles.
  3.  I also add touches to the dining room.  Mostly on the buffet, but I may add a few things on the table.  I tend to do a fresh floral arrangement and candles only on the table.  They can remain even during your Christmas dinner.
  4. A little extra.  Every once in a while I may add a few things around the house.  A few towels in the guest bath or even just a bowl of holiday candy on a side table or even add a smaller tree somewhere.

No matter what you like to do or have, just remember to have fun with your holiday decorating.  It’s all about being festive with your family and friends.

Happy Holidays!