Your Guide to Experiencing North Hollywood

Photo by Paul Deetman:
Photo by Paul Deetman:

When it comes to trendy neighborhoods in Los Angeles, North Hollywood — also known as NoHo — is at the top of the list. A charming one-square-mile community, its bohemian aesthetic and diverse charms have made it one of the most sought-after areas to visit in LA.

Whether you’re visiting Los Angeles for the first time, or you’ve just moved here and you’re looking to explore your neighboring districts, you can’t miss NoHo — it’s a must-visit destination.

Take a look at our guide to experiencing NoHo, and you’ll see just how much it has to offer.

Explore Nature

No matter where you are in Los Angeles, there’s always something to explore outdoors, and North Hollywood is no exception. One of the most popular spots to visit is La Tuna Canyon Park. This scenic park is a quick 20-minute drive to Sun Valley and boasts over one thousand acres of forests, picnic areas, and trails.

As you’re exploring nature in La Tuna Canyon Park, show off your adventurous side and hike to the highest points of the Verdugo Mountains, where you’ll find sprawling views of the city and nearby mountains.

Soak in Theater Culture

Theater is a major part of Los Angeles — from historic theaters in Hollywood to the hottest up-and-coming talent posting their unique, original content on streaming sites like Broadstream. Theater in NoHo, specifically, is a sight to see.

Since NoHo is known as one of the trendiest districts, it’s no surprise that you’ll find over 20 live theaters, 35 acting studios, and 30 music recording studios. If you’re looking to absorb some theater during your trip or as a new resident, visit a historic spot like the ​​El Portal Theater — originally used as a vaudeville and silent movie house in the 1920s. Today, you’ll find it home to a diverse range of productions, from theater plays to comedy skits.

Photo by Helena Lopes:
Photo by Helena Lopes:

Satisfy Your Appetite

Whether you’re visiting NoHo for the first time or you’ve just moved to Los Angeles, it’s important to familiarize yourself with the best restaurants and bars in the area. Food is a big part of the history and diversity of North Hollywood and something that should certainly be experienced no matter how short or long your stay.

If you appreciate good wine, check out one of the new wine bars in the area. Wineries are quite common in Northern California, but in recent years, wineries are being established in Burbank, which has allowed wine culture to grow in areas like NoHo.

When it comes to food, this district’s got you covered — from New York-style pizza to the hottest ramen restaurants, there’s something for everyone.

Hike to Hollywood

Last but not least, what’s a visit to North Hollywood without a hike to the Hollywood sign? We don’t have to tell you that this sign is an essential part of the city’s history but have you ever taken the time to walk up the trail and see the sign up close and personal?

Go with a local guide or take the time to research so that you avoid crossing over private properties, and be sure to pack lots of water and sun protection if you’re going in the summer since rising temperatures can create dusty trails.