Young Goats “Goat Life Vol 1” Album Release

L.A.-based Hip Hop artists Young Goats release their new album “Goat Life Vol 1,” full of retro styled 90s & 2000s classic dance-based Hip Hop.

It’s reminiscent of Drake, Wyclef Jean and Big Sean with that Caribbean tropical twist.  It’s all love songs and hook up songs and there’s a good bit of Timbaland influence in here too, lots of layered vocals and gentle rap breaks.

There’s some great 80s references, maybe it’s the sounds, all the brilliant percussion, with a great live feeling.  The production is really excellent.  A light touch, all echo and space and shadowy backing vocals.  Favorite tracks…”Gaze On” and “Got It All.” Very nice!!!

This is a classic summer album.  Fun, really well-written songs, great Island vibe, gorgeous vocals, nothing over thought, nothing contrived.  They had a lot of fun making this album and you can feel it in the tracks, hear it in the smiling vocals.  Great album, love the short tracks too, they let the songs get straight to the point and it works brilliantly as a complete album.  You want to let it play, one track to the next.  Leave it on and have some fun!! Love the videos too…

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Samantha Simmonds-Ronceros
Author: Samantha Simmonds-Ronceros

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