Writer’s Block: Tips to Unblock You and Unlock Your Solo Story

This month’s Soaring Solo blog focuses on “Writer’s Block: Tips to Unblock You and Unlock Your Solo Story.”
This month’s Soaring Solo blog focuses on “Writer’s Block: Tips to Unblock You and Unlock Your Solo Story.”

[NoHo Arts District, CA] – This month’s Soaring Solo blog focuses on “Writer’s Block: Tips to Unblock You and Unlock Your Solo Story.”

“I don’t believe in writer’s block or waiting for inspiration. If you’re a writer, you sit down and write.” -Elmore Leonard

Writer’s block is a very painful experience. It is agonizing to feel there is a story within you that wants to come out and yet you cannot seem to get past this invisible barrier.

It truly is tragic to hold a piece of solo art within your heart, mind and soul and feel that the next step forward is hidden from you.

That said, in today’s blog I would like to offer you some solutions that I trust will unblock you and unlock your solo show.

This month’s Soaring Solo blog focuses on “Writer’s Block: Tips to Unblock You and Unlock Your Solo Story.”

1) Change Your Environment 

If you typically sit in your home office, try going to a coffee shop, a museum, a park or find a beautiful spot in nature and allow the great outdoors to inspire you!

The point is that different environments provide different sources of focus or inspiration. Even a different room in your home can help to change your perspective and draw out different content.

Sometimes getting out of the house is the best option because you are less likely to fall prey to distractions. 

Funny how the laundry needs to get done, the dog needs to be fed and the kitchen floor needs to be deep cleaned the second you sit down at your office desk to write.

Switch up your location and see what new material comes out on the page as a result.

2) Create in Community

I always say that even though it’s a one person play, it takes a community to bring it to fruition. 

On your own, you are more likely to believe negative self talk about your script not being any good and freezing up because of that pessimism. 

Whereas, having supportive friends to weigh in on your ideas and writing excerpts will provide a wonderful support system. This will encourage your story development and can also help you cultivate the confidence necessary to complete your script.

Being in community also adds a level of accountability that is crucial to finishing your first draft. Sometimes our blocks are really just a false sense of limitless time and therefore no motivation to finish the script. If you have dates on the calendar where you have to share your progress with your accountability partners, the more likely you are to push through the block and get something on the page merely to meet your deadline. Done is better than perfect, so you will push through.

And there’s nothing more valuable than other eyes and ears on our work to brainstorm with us and help us discover the missing piece to our play.

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3) Improvise and Record Yourself 

If you are in the habit of sitting down at a computer to write or jotting down countless notes and ideas in a journal, then you may find your process is becoming monotonous and not sparking new content. 

In that case, getting up on your feet, walking around, and just improvising can free your mind to break through your blocks. 

As the body moves around, you will naturally loosen up and your words will flow with more ease. 

Be sure to record yourself so you can capture the gems and transcribe them later.

Hopefully, this month’s blog gave you a few ways to break through your writer’s block and get to the other side!

Being a solo artist may not be easy, but it is so worth it!

Jessica Lynn Johnson
Soaring Solo Blog
Founder and CEO of Soaring Solo LLC


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This month’s Soaring Solo blog focuses on “Writer’s Block: Tips to Unblock You and Unlock Your Solo Story.”

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