Write Act Repertory Presents “Show Me a Hero”

Written by Willard Manus. Directed by Daniel Keough.

Running through March 29, Saturdays at 8pm, Sundays at 3pm

The Brickhouse Theatre, 10950 Peach Grove St, North Hollywood, CA 91601

The folks at the Write Act Repertory  have a knack for dramatizing fascinating and important political stories that otherwise might not be exactly common knowledge.

This particular play brings us the story of Greek freedom fighter Alexander Panagoulis and his love, Italian journalist Oriana Fallaci.

Set in Greece just after the collapse of the military dictatorship, it outlines the relationship between Fallaci and Panogoulis.  One a famous and celebrated writer, the other a hero,  recently released from prison, put there for his opposition to the government and tortured in prison for those beliefs.

As they fall in love and struggle to maintain a passionate relationship while living in different countries, we witness the continued battle to remain free, to protect the values of democracy and the risks some will take to ensure justice.

It’s a dramatic story, a true story, one seemed destined for the big screen. It is so full of drama and passion and the best and worst of humanity. It’s also brilliantly told in this intimate and inspiring production.  The roles are epic and any actor would be thrilled to sink their teeth into them.  These two fine actors are compelling, gorgeously natural and absolutely excellent.  We believe them and they become these roles totally.

I love how Write Act rises to everything they produce.  They are boldly driven toward stories of freedom, excellence and sacrifice, and their productions never miss their mark.  This production is as successfully executed and deftly directed as everything they do and I can highly recommend it.  Lisa Robins as Fallaci is strong, sexy and fabulous to watch and Ilia Volok as Panogoulis is inspiring and heartbreaking.  Rico Simonini as Panogoulis’s friend and business partner is also really wonderful and the writing, by the prolific Willard Manus, is vivid and convincing.  Bravo!!!

I look forward to Write Act’s next thrilling production.

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