Write Act Repertory, John Lant & Tamra Pica Present “Swing”

Photographs by Tamra Pica

Write Act Repertory, John Lant and Tamra Pica present “Swing” with book and music written by Michael Antin, directed by Corey Lynn Howe.

Running from April 27 through May 19, Saturday at 8pm & Sunday at 2pm

Brickhouse Theatre, 10950 Peach Grove St., North Hollywood, 91601

The folks at The Write Act Rep have a knack for historical plays, a love for vintage attire, and a joyful commitment to full form musicals in black box theatre. 

Swing” is a musical set in the weeks and months after the end of World War II, when the boys were coming home and the women were too, having been replaced at the wartime “swing” shifts jobs at the local factories by their fellas.

thumbnail IMG 1695
Godfrey Flax (Butch)/Heather Rose (Adrianna)

We begin with a song by the ladies, happily singing about how they love their independence and their work.  Then the war is declared to be over and the story then follows one of them, Adrianna, as she welcomes her husband home only to find him deeply depressed and shell shocked.  As much as she tries to help him, he pulls away and then divorces her. The guilt of surviving the war when so many did not prevents him from the happiness of their marriage. 

Adrianna has her own journey though, one with another kind of “swinging” as she rediscovers her penchant for women in the arms of a beautiful German doctor who settled in the US with the rest of her family before the war.

It’s a spirited tale of love and loss and grumpy German bakers with delicious schnitzels. The songs are as clever as the characters and the cast full of passion, enthusiasm and fabulous vocals.

The whole performance is accompanied by a wonderfully accomplished pianist filled with the gusto of the era. 

It’s a rollicking and slightly naughty musical ramble through yesteryear – half serious commentary on the hardships of survival syndrome and half playful, rousing musical extravaganza.

thumbnail IMG 1890
Richard Warren (Fritz)/Heather Rose (Adrianna)

Musicals about family, friendship and love are important.  We need to know we can rely upon the magic of art and its reflection of the immigrant experience on our shores.  America is a beautiful tapestry of cultures and backgrounds, some brought here by the devastation of war and and some by a thirst for adventure and a yearning to be free. ”Swing” is a lovely piece with a sweetness and a grace.  An inventive and lyrical story about acceptance, fearlessness and love…of all kinds.  Love it!

It’s a short run, so don’t dawdle…



Jim Blanchette (Wynney)

Christopher Callen (Marlena)

Andrew Diego (Jake)

Godfrey Flax (Butch)

Nabila Hossain (Ensemble)

Cameron Kauffman (Janine)

Courtney King (Janine)

Katherine King (Ensemble)

Apollo Levine (Ensemble / US Butch / US Jake)

Diane Linder (Ensemble / US Marlena)

Heather Rose (Adrianna)

Richard Warren (Fritz)


John Lant (Artistic Director / Producer)

Tamra Pica (Producer)

Michael Antin (Writer / Composer)

Corey Lynn Howe (Director)

Jim Blanchette (Dramaturg)

Jonathan Harrison (Associate Producer/Stage Manager)

Cassie Soliday (Associate Director)

Mark Baker (Lighting Designer)

Isabel Gallegos (Costume Designer)

Tamra Pica Casting (Casting)