Why millennials should go to the theatre.

I’m 23 and I have to admit, I’m an absolute theatre addict.

If I could, I would probably see a different show every evening. I’d even do two shows a day, god knows I’ve done that before. Going to the theatre that often, I’ve had different reactions from people of all ages. Sometimes people my age can’t understand why I spend all my money on such an “old-fashioned” art. If telling them that seeing a show is the most fabulous night out isn’t enough, then I give them some more reasons that should be convincing.

At least a quarter of the audience are millennials, if not even more. Many young people have realised that the theatre is not just for the older generation. Numerous shows have plots that resonate with contemporary issues in our society, governments or lifestyles that affect us and our future. Therefore, these plays have important messages that have value to every millennial.

The theatre is a source for culture and education. Whether it’s the history of a country, a famous person or group or just interesting facts about the theatre itself, I’ve learned so much from going to plays and musicals that I wouldn’t have otherwise. Theatre is a fun and creative way to educate yourself.

Theatre brings people together. Usually you end up sitting next to someone and you inevitably start chatting about the theatre, the show or actors. Going to shows is an amazing way to share your love for the performing arts with a complete stranger. Whether you end up crying together about a sad scene or sing along to your favourite musical, it’s always a memorable evening.

Personally, I adore theatre mostly because it’s in the moment. You see a story develop right in front of you. It’s live and therefore so much better than film. The actors have to be there a 100% of the time in order to deliver a great performance. They put so much hard work into each production. It’s wonderful to see someone being passionate about something, artists and theatre actors in this case especially have such a love for their profession that most of the time that alone is worth seeing.

Now that I’ve showed you that going to the theatre is an amazing thing, even as a young person., you will probably think, how can I afford this? Don’t worry, I have some tips for getting the best deals and cheapest tickets.

Discount websites like Goldstar, Travelzoo and Plays411 offer many discounted tickets for various shows. Some of them are even half price tickets. Just put some time into looking through the different sites in order to find the best deals.

TodayTix is my absolute favourite app. They brought the theatre into the 21st century. It’s available in several cities, such as New York, London and Los Angeles. It’s a last-minute discount app that offers cheap seats for shows on the same day or the following days. It’s easy, quick and you can do it on the go. They also do lotteries, where you enter your name and have the chance to win great seat tickets for about $25.

Students unite! There are ways to be a regular theatre goer and being on a student budget. Most theatres don’t advertise it, but they actually offer discounts for students. Just give them a call or an email and ask them. Chances are you’ll get very cheap tickets.

Be an usher or a volunteer. If you love theatre but don’t have a lot money to spend, getting a volunteer job at the theatre or being an usher is a great opportunity. Whereas you don’t earn tremendous amounts of money, you can spend your time working at the theatre, seeing amazingly talented actors and connect with individuals in the industry. All it takes is a bit of research to find which theatres offer these opportunities.

You can start with the 20 theatres right here in the NoHo Arts District!

Hope to see you at the theatre!


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