Why Island Hopping is the New Travel Adventure.

Why Island Hopping is the New Travel Adventure.

In World War II the term Island Hopping referred to the military strategy used by General MacArthur to gain a foothold into Japanese occupied territories in the Pacific. The US military would attack an island held by Japan and overwhelm the thin forces located there. They would then fortify their position and make them into a base of operations. They would then move to the next island and repeat the process. By using this method the Allied forces were able to put a huge dent in Japanese occupation of the Pacific. The US came close to the island of Japan itself using this method.

But in recent years, the term Island Hopping has taken on a whole new meaning and it is much more fun and adventurous. Merriam Webster currently defines Island Hopping as “to travel from island to island in a chain” This is a great way to experience multiple cultures and scenic views during a vacation. The method of island hopping offers you the chance to see different islands that have unique histories and activities during a week or two of vacation. There are family friendly adventure’s like those offered in Hawaii where you can fly between the islands and see soaring waterfalls, exotic wildlife, and surf amazing beaches. You can hike up high volcanoes and see lava flow to the sea, creating new real estate.

Greek Island Hopping

Another great adventure is taking an island hopping adventure in the Greek islands. While you might be able to fly, the best way to enjoy this adventure is by ferry. One of the best Island Hopping service is Hostelbay-Click here. They offer different packages to suit your needs and will work with you to create the Greek Island adventure you will never forget. What makes them special is there unique access to many of the Greek Islands.

Mykonos Island

Mykonos Island is known for its amazing party beaches and summer night activities. It is part of the Cyclades group in the Aegean Sea. It is the first stop on your island hopping adventure. Night activities include massive dance clubs with thumping bass and world class DJ’s. For the young adults, it’s a perfect start to this adventure. But for those who are into daylight activities too, Mykonos is home to the iconic 16th century windmills that still operate.

Naxos Island

Naxos Island is also on your adventure list. It is the largest of the Cyclades group Aegean Sea Islands and boasts beautiful cube-shaped houses that are whitewashed and glimmer in the midday sun. There are Venetian medieval mansions and Kastro, is a 13th century hilltop castle that has a famous archeological museum within its walls. You and your family can spend time exploring the long stretches of beaches and ancient ruins or you can choose to spend the evening eating Grecian cuisine at the many local restaurants and open bistros.

Ios Island

This island is known for its hilly cliffs that drop off into the Aegean Sea. It’s main city, Charos is filled with winding stairs and narrow paths that wind between the whitewashed Venetian buildings. This makes it nearly inaccessible by car, so be sure to bring your hiking shoes. Ios is also known to house the Tomb of Homer and is visited by hundreds of tourists yearly. It is also theorized that Homer’s mother was born on this island. Spindly windmills dot the steep hills throughout the island.

Santorini Island

Santorini Island is best known for the devastating volcanic eruption that totally changed the islands landscape in the 16th century. If you’re interested in geologic activity and would love to learn about recent eruptions, this island is a perfect place to explore and learn more about.  Because of it’s re-formed landscapes two main towns face each other across an underwater caldera. Each city clings to the cliffs left by the eruption and as you ferry through the craters waters, you see the white cubed homes stacked up the sides like lego frames.

There are more islands on the island hopping tour offered by Hostel-Bay and you can go to their website to learn more about their packages.

Island Hopping is the new vacation adventure for those who would love to experience different scenarios and explore historic places and not having to stay in one place. Each island offers its won unique perspective and lifestyle. From Hawaii to Greece, island hopping is a great alternative to the family vacation.