Why is Student & Staff ID So Important in Colleges?


Colleges are busy places that are used by often thousands of students as well as hundreds of support staff and teachers.

The administration duties for a college are considerable. Time-saving and admin-saving measures are therefore critical to the overall success of an educational establishment. The implementation of a student ID card scheme is one vital component, adding to the security and efficiency of the building and its inhabitants.

Here are the reasons why a student ID scheme is important in a college or university.

Duty of Care to the Students

Students depend on a college to operate with high standards and to take care of their well-being, pastoral care, learning, and attendance. Smart card systems for student ID help with this. Colleges can easily monitor student attendance by installing smart card readers outside lecture halls and classrooms. The college can monitor trends in attendance and identify any potential problems that the student may be having. ID cards also help ensure security around campus and colleges can set up smart cards to store student details so it is easier to access academic records and medical information.

Enhanced Efficiency

ID cards for students and staff reduce time waiting in line for lunch or for taking out books at the library. They streamline processes and introduce more efficiency into the college, which is essential when you are running an educational business. Fewer hours are required for staff, and students can benefit from more time on their research or study.

Extra Automation

Automation is probably the most popular benefit of using smart ID cards for students. ID cards can facilitate automation for diverse processes, from borrowing library books to lending laptops, signing up to classes and sending in assignments. When checkout and booking systems are automated, it takes less time and this, in turn, saves money.

More Security for Students and Staff

And the most critical reason for using ID cards, and smart ID cards, in particular, is security. Enhanced security is paramount in colleges and universities. Students and staff must be protected when they are working inside and outside of the building, socializing, and living in halls of residence. ID cards are used effectively for access control. They allow educational administrators to restrict access to certain areas depending on student type and status. They can prevent students or staff from accessing areas outside of teaching hours. They can be used as door keys to enter individual dorm rooms. Access control can be used to streamline serving times in a canteen. The key to maintaining an effective and efficient access control system is to have high levels of security embedded into the card. These measures mean the cards cannot be easily cloned or information stolen from them. Robust security relies on high-quality ID cards as well as comprehensive systems to allow students full access to the places they should be, and no access to those that are off-limits.