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Why I’ve Been Obsessed with Southwest Rugs Lately

Recently, I’ve been on the hunt for the right rugs for my house.

I was looking for something bright with a bold statement to contrast my bland furniture and floors. I almost gave up until one day when scrolling through the internet, I saw some southwestern rugs and decided to have a look.

Typically, I hadn’t thought of these type of area rugs because I had previously associated them with log cabin getaways and cowboys. After viewing several rugs of different colors and patterns, I couldn’t contain my excitement. I had just discovered what I’ve been looking for all this time.

I took a trip to the nearest store to look for the colorful rugs, and this sealed my fate. Read on to find out how I, a typically reserved homemaker, is currently obsessed with southwestern rugs and why I wish I knew about them sooner.

Why I Chose Southwestern Rugs

They’re Glamorous

Southwestern rugs have become the show stoppers in my home. I prefer a balance between contemporary and modern colors to bring out the flashy look I needed. I combine both geometric patterns and native motifs with both bright colors and earthy tones. I’m thrilled with the results. My home looks brand new without touching a paintbrush or changing the furniture.

There’s So Much Variety

The variety for southwestern designed rugs is as wide as your imagination. Luckily, I was sure of what I needed for each room, and all I had was to pick a mat with the dominant color and pattern of what I wanted.

I wanted tones that stood out from my furniture and floor. I also needed different textures for door rugs, runways, and bedrooms. My advice is, before getting to the shops, figure out the kind of mats you want regarding color and patterns. Finding so many varieties can be a little offsetting, and you might end up with beautiful pieces that clash with your home.

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Southwestern Rugs are a Growing Trend

Being a reserved person, I used to keep off bold colors and busy patterns when decorating my home. That could explain why I didn’t notice the many beautiful southwestern rugs all over the place. Ever since that day at the store, I see them everywhere.

It could be that a lot of people are now embracing these bold pieces of art. Whatever the case, the demand for them seems to increase daily. Don’t be left out of this trend. Get yourself a cut of the Native American history while prices remain stable.


Southwest area rugs are by far the most affordable rugs I’ve come across. There are, of course, expensive ones made of wool, viscose, and leather, but the synthetics are still as beautiful at half the price. I have woolen rugs in my living room and prefer synthetics for the runways and the dining area.

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I have had so much fun redecorating my home with Southwestern rugs from Southwestern Rugs Depot where unlike before where working with standard carpets didn’t require any creativity. It’s been a stress-free and enjoyable task working with these rugs. They’re like magic buttons that change a room’s atmosphere with just a click.

I can confidently state that I’m no longer a reserved homemaker. I now want my rugs to pop rather than blend in with the rest of the items. I’m officially a fan of southwestern rugs with bold colors and busy patterns.