Who are the highest paid NBA stars for the 2021-2022 season?

Source: https://www.blazersedge.com/2021/7/16/22580794/damian-lillard-trade-demand-portland-trail-blazers-neil-olshey-nba-rumors-2021-press-conference
Source: https://www.blazersedge.com/2021/7/16/22580794/damian-lillard-trade-demand-portland-trail-blazers-neil-olshey-nba-rumors-2021-press-conference

There are three main ways to get rich; firstly, you can be lucky and be born into money or win the lottery. Secondly, you can turn to a life of crime, but that doesn’t always end up positively. And finally, you can spend your entire life working toward a solid education that allows you to perfect your craft as a lawyer or an accountant, or in the USA, even a sports star. Because unlike many systems around the world, our sports stars develop their skills and talents through the education system.

Many top colleges offer free scholarships to the best athletes, especially if they’re from underprivileged areas, allowing them to receive a college education for free. And in return, all they have to do is maintain a decent Grade Point Average (GPA) and show up when called upon to help the college sports teams to victory over their rivals.

The very best of these athletes then go on to the professional leagues, which means for basketballers, they arrive in the biggest, best, and most competitive league in basketball, the NBA. Now, you will probably have seen NBA stars before driving flash cars, wearing stylish and expensive clothes, amongst many other things. But you have to remember where these guys have come from. They have worked hard every day for everything that they have. And they’re now reaping the rewards.

But who are the highest paid stars in the NBA this season? Which players earn more money in one week than I probably will in a lifetime? Well, your questions are going to be answered as we’re going to take a look at some of the top paid athletes in the NBA for the 2021-2022 season.

5 – Damian Lilliard – Portland Trailblazers

He has 6 All NBA Awards, 1 All-Rookie Team, 1 NBA Player of the Month, 12 NBA Player of the Week, 5 NBA Rookie of the Month, and 1 NBA Rookie of the year. But despite all his achievements and the fact he may be one of the top NBA picks of the season, Damian Lilliard is not top of the NBA rich list.

But we’re sure he won’t mind when it is estimated that he will be taking home $43,750,000 per season. He only just recently signed a new contract for the current season as well, as he extended his stay with the Trailblazers by another four years. But come 2025, he could be a free man again, and who knows what NBA wages will be like then, although he will be reaching the later stages of his career by then.

Source: https://www.blazersedge.com/2021/7/16/22580794/damian-lillard-trade-demand-portland-trail-blazers-neil-olshey-nba-rumors-2021-press-conference

4 – James Harden – Brooklyn Nets

He is best known for his big bushy beard, but James Harden has a career he can be proud of, with a whole list of achievements and accolades over the years, including being awarded 1 NBA MVP Award, and an Olympic Gold Medal. Not many NBA stars can brag about that. But how much does it cost the Brooklyn Nets to keep a player of his calibre in their squad?

Well, just a tad more than Damian Lilliard, with Harden taking home about $43,848,000 per season on his current contract. Although he hasn’t signed a new for some time, and he’s currently entering his 3rd out of 4 years with the Nets, so come next year, he could end up negotiating some bigger wages. Or take his chances as a free agent.

3 – Russell Westbrook – Los Angeles Lakers

Breaking into the top 3, it’s the LA Lakers Russell Westbrook, who is sitting on a tasty salary of $44,211,146. He’s yet another player who could soon see their salary increase though, albeit restricted by salary caps and taxes, as he’s in his 4th out of a 5 year contract with the LA Lakers. However, he is the oldest of the entrants so far, so for how much longer he can continue will be a question on everyone’s lips.

But let us take a look at why he earns such high numbers:

  • 9 All-NBA Awards
  • 2 NBA All-Star Most Valuable Player
  • 1 NBA Most Valuable Player
  • 9 NBA Player of the Month
  • 19 NBA Player of the Week
  • 2 NBA Rookie of the Month
  • 1 Olympic Gold Medal
Source: https://www.latimes.com/sports/lakers/story/2021-07-29/lakers-acquire-russell-westbrook-wizards-trade-deal

2 – John Wall – Houston Rockets

Over his 10-year career, John Wall has just gotten better and better with each game he plays. And like many of the others in the top 5, he’s currently in the penultimate year of his contract, for which he currently earns $44,310,840 per season. Although, he has been playing fewer games in recent years, partly down to COVID, partly down to fitness issues. Still, he’s a top athlete, and he’s on a top wage for at least another two years.

1 – Stephen Curry – Golden State Warriors

And in the number 1 spot we have a man who has been on the cover of NBA Video Games, a man who has three NBA Championship titles to his name, and a man who is about to cement his place in this rich list for another four years. Yes, currently the richest NBA Star of the current season, it’s Golden State’s Stephen Curry, earning a whopping $45,780, 966.

But, he’s about to get even richer. Because as it stands, this is the last year of his existing contract. But the Warriors are looking to extend it, with all personal terms agreed. And the new contract would see him earning $215,353,662 over a four year period, averaging out at $53, 838,415 per season.

And there you have it, the five highest paid players in the NBA. Sure, there may be players with more money, with the likes of LeBron James also having other lucrative businesses outside of the NBA, and his recent SpaceJam sequel he released, but in terms of wages, these are the guys who top the charts.

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