Whitbeck’s “January 22”

A NoHo Arts music review of Whitbeck’s “January 22” album.
A NoHo Arts music review of Whitbeck’s “January 22” album.

A NoHo Arts music review of Whitbeck’s “January 22” album.

Vancouver-based Whitbeck is an alternative rock band led by vocalist/guitarist Greg Whitbeck. “January 22” is their first full-length album as a band, and is a self-described homage to their hometown of Vancouver. 

The band’s sound has a fierce driving soul, but Greg Whitbeck’s deep resonate voice gives a totally different aspect to every track.  Combined with the walls of sound and the gorgeous lilting, high-energy guitars and solid emotional drums, the music is taken to another level entirely.

A NoHo Arts music review of Whitebeck’s “January 22” album.

These guys clearly love to make music, but there’s a lot more going on here. There’s reason behind each song. A love of place, a connection to each other, a symbiotic rhythmic life to the music. Music at its best is an extension of our being, an expression of our purpose on this planet, a way to help each other through the hardest moments in our lives.  These songs feel like that. They vibrate with longing and hope and regret and understanding and a very real search for self. 

Whitbeck’s “January 22” is a great big warm echoing fire of an album. Every song thoughtful, each story told heartfelt and real.  I loved it. 

Full of dirty, blazing, consequential and beautifully sincere songs, sung with heart and played with an utter lack of fear. 

The result is gorgeous and, for a first album, epic.  Can’t wait for more from these guys! Love to see them live in L.A.!!

Favorite song? “Cinema” – because of course it is!

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Musicians/Instruments: Greg Whitbeck: all studio instruments and programming

Whitbeck Live: Greg Whitbeck: vocals, guitars, piano

Sean Dillon: guitars, background vocals

Mario Loubert:  bass, background vocals

Shiraz Mohammed: drums

*All music and lyrics by Greg Whitbeck

Producer(s):Greg Whitbeck of Tunecave Productions Inc.


Official Website: http://www.whitbeck.rocks





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Youtube Channel

Artist Contact Email: iamwhitbeck@me.com

Samantha Simmonds-Ronceros
Author: Samantha Simmonds-Ronceros

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