Which is Better In Vegas: Fremont Street or The Strip?

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Figure out the pros and cons between Fremont Street and the Las Vegas Strip

The two most popular sections of Las Vegas are Fremont Street and the Las Vegas Strip. Many tourists struggle to decide which one of them they want to stay at or visit the most.

Fremont Street is in Downtown Las Vegas, also known as Old Las Vegas. The Las Vegas Strip is a portion of Las Vegas Boulevard devoted to some of the city’s best resort hotels, shows, attractions, restaurants, and amenities. 

When tourists arrive in the city from the airport, they usually enter the Las Vegas Strip first. But should they stay there or visit Fremont Street?

Let’s explore the pros and cons of Fremont Street and the Las Vegas Strip:

1) Hotels

If you are a budget-friendly or value-based traveler, you may find Fremont Street and Downtown Las Vegas better suited for your interests. The Las Vegas Strip has pricier and more luxurious hotels than Fremont Street.

For instance, the average nightly rate for a hotel room is between $150 to $199 on the Las Vegas Strip and $50 to $100 on Fremont Street. You may not enjoy the same hotel amenities on Fremont Street as you would on the Las Vegas Strip, but there are still great hotels on Fremont Street. 

Fremont Street’s most popular low-priced hotels include The Golden Nugget Hotel, The Downtown Grand Hotel, Four Queens Hotel, Plaza Hotel, California Hotel, and The D Hotel. They are a blend of 3-star and 4-star hotels.

Do you prefer luxury in your hotels? The Las Vegas Strip’s more popular luxury hotels include Wynn Las Vegas, The Venetian, Four Seasons, Skylofts at MGM Grand, and Bellagio Hotel.

2) Shows

Fremont Street typically has lower prices than the Las Vegas Strip for most things, such as entertainment shows. For less than $50, you can purchase tickets to great shows like Mike Hammer’s Comedy Magic, Hypnosis Unleashed, Delirious Comedy Club, Totally Mental, House of Magic, and Gordie Brown.

Of course, nothing compares to the high-value productions and exciting entertainment of shows on the Las Vegas Strip. The best examples are the Cirque du Soleil shows performing in hotels across the Las Vegas Strip, such as O, Mystere, The Beatles Love, and Mad Apple. Cirque du Soleil is one of the most successful production companies in Vegas. You may have to pay close to $100 per ticket, but you get better quality entertainment than you would find on Fremont Street.

Do you care more about seeing a good show at night than worrying about its location? Check the following link to see a list of the best shows performing across Las Vegas at night: https://vegaslens.com/guide/shows/tonight/

3) Traffic

The roads and streets of Las Vegas are usually busy for obvious reasons. The high rate of tourism in Las Vegas creates lots of traffic on both Fremont Street and the Las Vegas Strip daily. 

If you’re the type of person who wants less traffic and crowds, it won’t be easy to find this in either section. However, you may see more traffic on Fremont Street during the evening compared to the daytime. So perhaps some afternoon shows and activities on Fremont Street would be more to your liking if you want fewer people around. 

You can expect the Las Vegas Strip to be crowded 24/7. It is always bumper-to-bumper traffic on Las Vegas Boulevard while crowds of people fill the sidewalks on foot. Since the Las Vegas Strip has more luxurious hotels, shows, and attractions, people tend to hang out around it more.

4) Attractions

Have you always wanted to learn about the history of Las Vegas? Do you dream about seeing the classic neon signs and architecture that helped establish the image of Las Vegas worldwide? 

The Fremont Street Experience features the most famous marquees and neon signs from the golden days of Las Vegas. It will make you feel like you’ve been transported back in time to see the city’s early days in all its glory. In addition, Fremont Street has fun and exciting activities like the zip line, light show, bus tours, street performances, live bands, and more. 

The Las Vegas Strip may not have classic neon signs and marquees, but they have more luxurious and modernized forms of entertainment. For instance, you could get a tan and swim at the manufactured Mandalay Bay Beach or witness the legendary magician David Copperfield perform his magic routine at the MGM Grand Hotel. 

5) Dining

Downtown Las Vegas offers options ranging from hotel steakhouses to popular American-style restaurants. Some great examples include Andiamo Steakhouse, American Coney Island, 8 East, Victory Burger, Barry’s Downtown Prime, and Project BBQ. The food choices like burgers and steak are perfect for travelers who don’t want exotic dining but more traditional American cuisine.

The Las Vegas Strip offers even better restaurants and more food variety. For example, dine on Japanese food at Sushi Roku, Italian food at Lupo, Brazilian food at Pampas, and Mexican food at Border Grill. 


The choice between Fremont Street and the Las Vegas Strip depends on your preferences, budget, and tastes. The Las Vegas Strip typically has better quality options but at a higher price. Fremont Street has more economical options for budget-friendly travelers. 

But why limit yourself to one or the other when you can see both during your trip to Las Vegas? Instead, create a list of everything you want to experience on Fremont Street and the Las Vegas Strip. Then arrange your travel itinerary to fit as many of those experiences into your schedule as possible. 

Make sure you research the shows in Las Vegas to see which ones appeal to you the most. Then you could book a hotel at whichever section has the most shows you enjoy, whether Fremont Street or the Las Vegas Strip. Otherwise, pay for additional transportation to visit both areas and maximize your Las Vegas experience!


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