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Where to Get Your Custom Beach Tote

Were you just at the beach or resort when you saw a killer beach tote bag?

Are you looking to see if you can copy the latest celebrity beach tote bag trend? Well, let me tell you something. You can! It is easier than you think. However, the secret is to know where to look and what to order. Because anything and everything can be made possible, you just need to know the right wholesale supplier to make your stylistic dreams come true. Don’t worry, all secrets will be revealed here.

What is a Custom Beach Tote?

A custom beach tote is exactly what you think it is. However, it doesn’t have to be limited by just what you have seen on the street. A beach tote bag has a standard style and dimension, but honestly it could be any type of tote that is used to put stuff in when you go out to some other location. So, generally, there are a few types of tote bags that you could choose from when you are looking to purchase a bulk amount of custom tote bags.

There are classic tote bags, grocery tote bags, and beach tote bags. Each one has pros and cons. The limiting factor is the dimensions of the bag and slightly the material, but not much. The classic tote bag is the smallest in shape and design. It was made and still commonly used to carry books. You can find them at bookstores or nonprofit fundraising events. These are easily identified by the rounded corners on the bottom edges of the bad. The grocery bag is much the same. The only difference is that the edges are square and the bag itself is slightly bigger.

The main question, though, revolves around the beach tote bag. The beach tote bag is a unique item in the bag world. It is longer than it is tall, and it has straps that extend around the entire bag starting and ending at the handles. This makes it incredibly stable and strong. This also makes it highly useful for carrying large items, items that you would normally carry to the beach or while shopping.

Can I Buy It from A Retail Store?

Sure, but you are only going to get one or two and they might not have the style that you like and they might not have the color that you like or the size and they probably can’t customize the bag at all. So, if you are trying to buy it in bulk or are hoping to have the bags customized in some way, you are better off not buying from a local big box retail store.

Instead, if you are looking to purchase a large amount of custom beach tote bags, then you need to buy them from an online wholesale sit like Tote Bag Factory. These online merchants aren’t just wholesale sellers, they are basically the manufacturer of the products. That means you can get direct access to all of the products that this manufacturer makes. When you buy from a small wholesale shop or from a retail store, you have to deal with just the inventory that they have at the time, and you have to deal with the costs that retailers add to the wholesale price for their cut of the profits.

Don’t go to a retailer unless you want the transaction to be completely disappointing. Instead, you need to trust an online wholesaler with a stellar reputation and a full line customizable beach tote bags. They can offer you all types of styles and bags that you never thought were an option. Don’t limit yourself to the inventory on the shelves. The benefit of virtual inventory is that it is unlimited and made specific to order. You will always get exactly what you order in the time frame that you need it.

Why are Tote Bags Good Promotional Items?

Beach tote bags make great promotional items and gifts for friends, family, employees, and guests because they are fully functional and long lasting. This means that people won’t immediately throw them out. They will want to use them all the time. Instead of giving your friends a wasted gift. Give them a present that they will feel connected to through the branded logo or image. Think deeper than a poorly designed pen or note pad. If you are looking for promotional items, there is nothing better than the visibility of the beach tote bag.


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