Where To Get The LA Feel In Europe

Where To Get The LA Feel In Europe

Los Angeles is, understandably, a highly popular tourist destination. Known for palm trees and stunning beaches, a laid back lifestyle and plenty of celebrities to spot, it’s hard to beat the Californian city. But luxury comes at a price and not everyone can afford the cost of long haul flights. If you’re looking for LA vibes a bit closer to home, why not check out these incredible European destinations? Before you set off on your travels it’s important to make sure that you have an EHIC card by visiting www.ukehic.com, just in case you need any medical treatment while you are away.

Barcelona, Spain

If it’s LA-style boardwalks, palm trees and beaches that you’re looking for Barcelona is the place to be. The city is a cultural hotspot, home to a number of popular museums, galleries and theatres. In this way, it’s pretty similar to the bustling cosmopolitan cities you’ll find in California. Although the architecture is unique and nothing like that which is found in the city of LA, it is definitely worth visiting popular sites like the Sagrada Familia to see it.

Cyprus, Greece

In summer, temperatures in LA soar. On average, the temperature can reach between 27°c and 30°c in July. For those looking for the heat closer to home, Cyprus is ideal. Cyprus regularly experiences heat waves during the summer, with temperatures reaching 30°c. The island might have a sleepier approach to life than LA but the long, hot days will give you plenty of time to soak up the sun. Cyprus is also famous for its local wine, so if you want to laze by the pool with a glass in hand just like a Californian celebrity its ideal.

Nice, France

Nice is known for being a luxurious holiday destination, popular among the stars. If you want to get a taste of Hollywood in Europe, Nice is where you’ll find it. You can even take tours to spot celebrities homes! The private beach is the perfect place to relax with a cocktail or hire a speedboat to head out on the water. The La Promenade des Anglais by the seafront is where locals come to rollerblade, skateboard and even Segway- just like at Venice Beach in LA.

Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon is the perfect combination of bustling city and sandy beaches that most people look for in LA. The narrow streets in the city might not remind you much of LA but the huge range of high-quality food and cultural activities will. Lisbon is becoming well known for the amazing variety of cuisine available and even has several Michelin star restaurants. There’s plenty of impressive street art to be spotted, which is reminiscent of LA’s sprawling graffiti art scene. Finally, Lisbon has plenty of ideal surfing beaches just like the California city does. So you can chase the waves until sunset before heading out for drinks and dinner with your friends or family. The best part about swapping LA for Lisbon is that prices are falling thanks to Brexit, so the trip won’t break the bank.