Where Can I Find Free Casting Calls?

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If you are looking for free casting sites, you can always find a professional casting portal for casting directors, directors, actors, and agents. Actors, models, and performers can find possibilities on AllCasting, and casting directors can use them to identify the best talent for their projects.

With its distinctive technology and features, the Internet project AllCasting quickly connects casting experts and talents. Casting Calls in San Diego will offer performers a cutting-edge, user-friendly platform to develop their careers in one of the most fascinating businesses. Finding auditions for your most sought-after projects is simple with AllCasting, which also curates news and educational material to benefit both actors and industry experts.

For Talent

We help performers participate in the best projects for film, television, and fashion, and casting professionals — to discover incredible talents. Act in films, TV projects, commercials, and music videos:

  1. Create a personal account.
  2. Upload photos and videos.
  3. Participate in current castings.

Hundreds of film and television professionals will be able to invite you to screen test or shoot.

Your Best Choice for Free Casting Calls

Allcasting.com is the largest and most popular casting service. It is a free, convenient, and simple tool where everyone can conduct castings and select artists for their projects. This service is the product of the work of a team of professionals, and we hope that our many years of work will simplify the daily tasks of casting directors, agents, and directors and open up new opportunities for them, which did not exist before or were previously unavailable or very expensive for the developing industry. The goal of our work is the development of domestic film, modeling, and show business industries. We have made a lot of efforts to organize the work of this service and would make even more efforts in the future for its development and growth of the industry.

We are not an acting agency or a production center. Our service is completely transparent, free, and open to all industry professionals or budding artists! We do not interfere in your work and are not mediators in any matters. With the help of our site, you can easily find a suitable type in an extensive database of profiles or announce a casting and the right people will find you yourself! We have developed functionality that allows you to conveniently process applications from users and create your own database of questionnaires for each individual project. About 20,000 people visit our sites every day. Among them are not only artists but also a huge number of casting directors, agents, directors, producers, and many other employers from all spheres of film, modeling, and show business. If you have talent, you will definitely be found!