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When Is It Worth It To Splurge on Jewelry?

Being frugal is no bad thing, but sometimes there are good reasons to push the boat out and expand your budget if the circumstances are right.

Here are some great examples of situations where splurging on jewelry is better than holding back.

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You want to celebrate a special occasion

There is no better way of letting someone know that you care than with the gift of one of a kind gold jewelry. From anniversaries and birthdays to other life events like a promotion at work or an achievement worth shouting about, if you want to give a gift that will be remembered for decades, splashing out on a bit of custom bling is the way to go.

Of course you could tighten your purse strings and push through with a more cost-conscious jewelry purchase while reciting the mantra ‘it’s the thought that counts’. That’s all well and good, but if the piece you choose is cheap and cheerful, it will likely be forgotten rather than cherished, no matter how graciously it is accepted at the time.

You have the means

Saving money is essential, but the entire point of building up a pot of cash is that at some point you will be able to spend it. So while it is never a good idea to spend more than you can afford on jewelry or any other luxury, you should also be willing to treat yourself if you have got enough stashed away to make this a justifiable move.

There are wider cultural and generational trends that are changing the jewelry market at the moment, which may mean that there is more on your mind than simply being careful with your money when considering pieces to buy. Even so, if you have the means and the motivation, a carefully chosen jewelry product can be a purchase you don’t come to regret.

You want something unique

Jewelry can span a broad range of styles, materials and designs, although you will tend to find that if you want something that stands out from the crowd you will need to spend a little more and choose a bespoke piece rather than one which has been mass produced to keep costs to a minimum.

Of course that does not mean that you need to opt for jewelry that is very traditional or even particularly elaborate in its design; you can still let your personal tastes dictate the pieces you pick, particularly if you are willing to splurge.

There are tiers within this subcategory of the jewelry market as well, so you can work with a craftsperson and come up with a design that represents your desires and match the amount you spend to your budget.

Wearing jewelry is an ancient tradition, so it makes sense to embrace it in a way that is as meaningful and personal as possible. It is also enjoying growth at the moment, giving you more choice and variety when the time to splurge arrives.

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