What is AI cloud platform?

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What is AI cloud platform?

Cloud platforms that support the life cycle of AI are a unique environment where customers can access the benefits of AI and deploy their software solutions as a service. Such software products leave competitors far behind, because they have the opportunity to use an elastic environment and scale at a pace convenient for them.

Cloud AI is usually managed by its suppliers, less often by the developers of software solutions themselves, since the equipment is expensive. At the same time, the specialized cloud AI platform allows you to use favorable prices and choose tariffs according to specific needs.

Why software solutions need AI cloud?

The capabilities of cloud computing, combined with the numerous advantages of AI, allow us to offer users such software products that fully satisfy their requests and needs. In particular, it is worth highlighting the following opportunities and advantages:

  • The cloud supports workloads better than traditional servers, making the product secure, stable and always available.
  • The popularity of smooth and constant updates is growing. Cloud-based applications receive them instantly and automatically, while traditional software requires manual installation of a new release or updates, and the updates themselves take longer to prepare.
  • Developers are instantly notified of issues, if any. All bugs and errors can be fixed extremely quickly.
  • AI capabilities are becoming available, driving innovation and the spread of truly convenient and effective solutions.

The cloud has significantly expanded the possibilities of applying AI in practice, so now its capabilities are used by almost everyone: from huge enterprises and corporations to small companies and ordinary consumers.

AI infrastructure offered by G-Core Labs

By combining Gcore cloud services with Graphcore IPUs, G-Core Labs enables the use of AI infrastructure as a service and facilitates accelerated machine learning. At the same time, customers have reduced computational costs and can easily scale their development when needed.

In this way, it is possible to achieve higher productivity, flexibility and quality of the finished solution. Create local software and artificial intelligence infrastructure based on ready-made experiences or from scratch, using the advantages and capabilities of the AI cloud —and be on the crest of the wave!