What is a Delta 8 Vape – And Why Have They Become So Popular?

What is a Delta 8 Vape - And Why Have They Become So Popular?
What is a Delta 8 Vape - And Why Have They Become So Popular?

The word delta 8. You’ve probably seen it advertised out front of smoke shops and convenience stores in town, and you’ve almost certainly seen it advertised at this point online. But if you pay close attention, companies rarely elaborate on what something like a delta 8 vape pen actually is. In this guide, we discuss everything you need to know about this interesting new compound, including how it’s made, how it makes you feel, and what some of the best options are for purchasing delta 8 vape products if you want to experience the unique sensation for yourself.What is a Delta 8 Vape?

A delta 8 vape pen is a vape device that contains, well… delta 8! Ok. So what does that mean? Similar to cannabis-derived compounds like THC and CBD, delta 8 is a compound known as a cannabinoid. There are well over 100 known cannabinoids in hemp, which back in 2018 was declared a legal plant by way of the Hemp Farming Act (contained under the larger U.S. Farm Bill).

Unlike THC and CBD, however, the delta 8 cannabinoid does not occur in large quantities in hemp. As such, in order to produce products like delta 8 vape pens, manufacturers must first extract raw hemp oil, then convert the naturally existing CBD and THC in to delta 8 via series of chemical processes that alter the shape and structure of the natural plant-derived cannabinoids.

How Delta 8 Vapes Are Made (And What They Do)

The science and chemistry of how delta 8 vapes are made is not well researched or understood. It seems as if top companies are keeping the “formula” for delta 8 vapes a secret of sorts, though this is very unlikely the case. What we do know is that delta 8 vapes are made from hemp, which, as we said a moment ago, is now a legal plant in the USA thanks to the Hemp Farming Act.

As far as effects, most people that use delta 8 vapes say they are about half as potent as ‘standard’ THC from marijuana. In other words, users can expect a mild “mind-altering” sensation when using delta 8 vape pens and other delta 8 products, but (unless they consume far too much of the compound) they shouldn’t experience the potent, sometimes anxiety-inducing high that is associated with THC. Many people think of delta 8 vapes as a “lite” form of THC; subtle mind-altering effects, very capable of providing relaxation and easing stress, but still leaving users fully in control of their mind and behavior.

This is the most important question at this point in time for those that are interested in using or trying delta 8 vape products. The truth is, there is little to no regulation or oversight currently in place when it comes to the manufacture of delta 8 vape products. As such, there are no shortage of unscrupulous companies that are quickly producing vape devices with almost no information on quality or safety.

If you’re one of the millions of people that are curious about trying delta 8 vape pen, be sure to take the time to research a quality, trusted, well-established brand. One such brand is PureKana, which has been a household name in the American hemp market for going on ten years, thanks to their popular range of CBD products (we’ve linked to their new line of delta 8 vape pens above).  

Other Things You Need To Know About Delta 8 Vape Pens

Last but not least, remember that the effects of a delta 8 vape pen can vary wildly from one person to the next. If you do decide you want to try delta 8 for the first time, be sure to tread cautiously and not overdo it. While the effects of a delta 8 vape pen are not as potent as regular THC products, you can quickly be left feeling anxious and paranoid if you consume too much.

Take some time to read some reviews, scout out a few products online, and give yourself the time to make a well-informed decision if you’re serious about testing the waters of this exciting new hemp-derived compound.