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What Does the Queen of Wands Mean in a Tarot Reading?

Tarot card reading can be very interesting.

A competent and experienced reader will give you a correct interpretation of the cards. This does not mean deviation cannot be there. But it is also good for you to carry out research and know some general interpretation of some tarot cards. Many individuals are of the opinion that the cards are only there for predictions, but in reality, there is more into them. Tarot cards tell more about our lives from all the essential aspects, including spirituality. You can learn even more with tarot reading tips by checking Tarotprophet tarot reading online.  And today, we are going to focus on what the Queen of wands means in a tarot reading. We believe you will gain a lot from this discussion. So, let us begin.

The Queen of Wands and What it means in Tarot Reading

Let us begin with the description of the Queen of wands. Generally, the Queen sits on a much-decorated throne with lions appearing in an antagonistic manner. This symbolizing fire and strength. On the left-hand side of the Queen as well as on her crown and back are some sunflowers. This symbolizes several things, including satisfaction, productiveness, joy, and life. The Queen holds a wand on her right hand, with a single sprout which springs to life. On the feet of the Queen sits a black cart. This implies that the Queen is still in an acquaintance with her shadow self.

The Meaning of the Upright Queen of Wands

The Queen of wands is there to keep reminding an individual that he is upbeat bold and determined. It helps people see through their imaginative visions as well as the purpose of life, even in the course of hardship and adversity. You are well acquainted with the strategies of channelling your powers as well as your weaknesses since you are a determined and self-aware person. Additionally, you are not only optimistic, but you also have the ability to share fruitful ideas with other individuals. You are aware of the things that you want and how you can quickly achieve them. Besides, the Queen of wands helps you remember that you are your strong points, including the ability to attain your set targets and being quite engaging. You are a strength when it comes to your set objectives as well as remaining optimistic with the people around you.

The Queen of wands demands that you remain bold in all your initiatives and undertakings. You don’t have to fear your own strengths, but instead, you should be motivated to exploit your real potential out there. You actually have a lot to offer, and therefore you should be determined to reflect your light. Always trust in yourself, and all the values define you as a person and never fear to speak up your mind. You cannot be silenced.

As a social butterfly, the Queen of wands indicates that you are actually living a busy life with a lot of connections with other people and set yourself to go after your dreams. You are able to illuminate health and vitality. In addition, personal vibrancy gives you energy and the necessary inspiration. You are a born leader with a high level of intelligence. You have the ability to motivate those around you as well as the people you are leading. You have the ability to influence and motivate others with your vision, boldness and determination. Besides, you can quickly instill confidence to the rest, giving them personal assurance and the power that they need in order to achieve whatever they want.

What is more, the Queen of wands indicates that you have the ability to entirely express yourself in the outside world, becoming the centre of attraction. As a person, you can create a powerful first impression apart from having the ability to win other people with ease through your charming and warm disposition. Time is ripe for you to get out there and meet the right people or form an association of right-minded individuals. Your energy and enthusiasm will help you draw others and make positive changes in the world.

Also, the Queen of wands fortifies you to acknowledge your shadow-self, what is hardly known about you, and at times the darker aspect of you, that is the kind of person you actually are.  We do not mean that it has been a negative thing about you. It might be a quality or something that many do not know you are characterized by it. This might even be a secret way of life that is significantly affected by past encounters. Also, though you may be reluctant to express this aspect of your life, the Queen of wands motivates you to express it openly and let others know freely. You should never fear to show your shadow at any point in time. By doing so, you will be able to connect quite well with friends and at a deeper extent.

The Meaning of the Reversed Queen of Wands

Generally, the reversed Queen of wands shows that you have some degree of pessimism temperament, or you are perhaps overwhelmed. Though you may have attained a certain level of self-respect and assurance, you might be quite introverted. Rather than being a social being and at the centre of attraction always, you prefer your personal space and looking at matters at a distance. It is still not wrong to feel that way, and you shouldn’t be ashamed either. Respect your needs and how you think. Do not force yourself to be extroverted when, in reality, you just do not want. Moreover, you may have the urge to spend more time alone, and that is very important when it comes to linking with your inner-self and listening to your inner voice.

The Bottom Line    

The Queen of wands has several implications. We have looked at the implications of both reversed and the upright Queen of wands. We have seen a lot of positive implications from the two. For instance, the upright Queen of Wands, you are a courageous and determined person with the ability to motivate and positively influence others. 

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