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What DNA Tests Are Best for Those Interested in Their Ancestry?

One of the most fascinating developments in recent years is scientific technology which allows us to trace our ancestry.

For centuries, people have wanted to do so, and now in 2020, we can do exactly that with great ease. As such, many companies have emerged offering DNA tests for curious families. The only problem with this is, how do you know you’re not being tricked by fraudsters? It’s difficult to tell whether your DNA results are legitimate or inaccurate. We’ve written this article exploring the different DNA tests available, so readers can have a better understanding of what’s best for them.

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23andMe Genetic Testing

23andMe is one of the biggest companies for genetic ancestry testing, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the best. Based in California, this company requires you to send a sample of your saliva in the post. They have 10 million people in their database, and from this, they’ll calculate your results. This is a larger sample size than most other DNA testing companies, making them more accurate. 23andMe specializes in genetic health testing. In light of the coronavirus pandemic, understanding your family’s genetic health history is more important than ever before. However, for those purely interested in ancestry, their DNA testing kit isn’t the most specific.

MyHeritage DNA Testing Kit

MyHeritage is a burgeoning company in DNA testing and for a good reason. The experts at BestDNATestingKits reviewed MyHeritage services and found their tests were more affordable than other companies, plus they compare their customers’ samples with possible relatives from across the world. This makes them the best company for international matches. What’s more, they have a mobile app integrated into their services, which provides an interactive view of your family tree. Unfortunately, because MyHeritage is still a growing company, its database isn’t as large as its competitors like 23andMe genetic testing.

AncestryDNA Genealogy Company

AncestryDNA is the largest genealogy company in the world that runs for profit. This means their database is the biggest of them all, with over 15 million people included within. Once again, you are required to send a sample of your saliva in the post. From this, they will calculate your results by analyzing it against genetic markers, historical records, related genealogy websites. Overall, they’re the best company for DNA testing, but they don’t specialize in anything or provide additional health information.

Family Tree DNA Genetic Testing

Family Tree DNA is another commercial company. Their analysis of genetics is less detailed when it comes to ethnicity, but they do provide male-specific and female-specific tests that other genealogists don’t. They also allow you to upload the information you may have supplied to other DNA testing companies into their database. Their database is much smaller than larger competitors, though. This means they might not find the DNA matches for you that other testing providers could.

These are the most popular companies for DNA testing because they’re genuine and accurate. You can spend your money safely with them and learn your true ancestral history.