What can the Midtown North Hollywood Neighborhood Council do for you?

What can the Midtown North Hollywood Neighborhood Council do for you?

Pot hole?
Neighborhood cleanup?
Wanna know how to call the City of Los Angeles?
How about a great idea for a community activity in the park?
Got a dog problem on your street?

Your voice needs to be heard. Come to a Council meeting, happening once a month, the second Wednesday at 7:00 pm in the Senior Center auditorium at the North Hollywood Park. Catch up on all the happenings in NoHo, and get involved with one our many committees like Outreach or Public Safety, just to name a few. All committees are open to the public.

Our Humblebrags:

Some of our proudest moments to date have been coming together in the community to make our neighborhood better. A few of these moments include a neighborhood cleanup in the Ralph’s parking lot, supporting the annual holiday party at the North Hollywood Parks & Rec, and the #NoButtsLA cleanup where council members helped rid the city of litter by picking up cigarette butts.

no butts la

Want to know more about the neighborhood council? We thought you did. Check out a few of our proudest moments, and if you can’t get enough, visit our Midtown North Hollywood Facebook page or tweet us a message on our Midtown North Hollywood Twitter page . For more information, visit http://www.mtnhnc.org.


  1. Hello. I have lived in the valley most my life. I moved to NV joined the army and now I’m back in north Hollywood in my late grandmas house with my 7 daughter and mother. We are on Ratner St off coldwater and strathern. Since we have been back – almost 2 years now my friends car has been broken into, graffiti on his trailer too. Either gun shots or fireworks almost every night and it sounds like it’s in the backyard. I love being back but am scared to go in my own backyard at night. There has just been so much activity that it has been very scary. I don’t know if it’s possible because the police officers are limited but I’d like to have police patrol as much as possible. Thank you for giving me a place to write this.