What A Covenant Ring Is And The Commitment It Symbolizes

What A Covenant Ring Is And The Commitment It Symbolizes

A covenant ring is a ring that is more like a contract. As a ring that is used as a symbol of your religious beliefs, it is meant to symbolize that you have made a commitment in front of God that you will save yourself for the person that you marry. A covenant ring is a symbolic gesture between a father and his daughter that the daughter promises to stay pure until she is legally married. It looks much like a wedding ring and is a symbol that a person believes in the sanctity and purity of a man and women becoming husband and wife.

Typically given when the daughter is 13 or 14, the ritual is usually performed between a father and his daughter. He asks her to make a promise that she will save herself sexually until the day that she marries a partner before the eyes of God.

Born not only out of Christ’s doctrine, there are many pastors who believe that covenant rings and the sanctity of sex only through the bond of marriage could save countless people from divorce. Abstinence until marriage, many pastors believe, is the way to ensure that marriage vows are more sacred and that you give someone yourself wholly.

Although a covenant ring can come in any shape and size, there is a specific symbol that many fathers and daughters choose. The symbol of a cluster of three linked hearts with a cross in the middle to bind them is typically the preferred design. It is a symbol of the father’s and daughter’s commitment, along with the commitment made between man and woman, that is bonded by the attachment of a Cross which symbolizes Christ.

The girl who wears a covenant ring does so to remind her every day of the commitment she has made. She is to wear it up until the day of her marriage. Once the ceremony begins, she gives her covenant ring to her husband as a symbol that she has kept her pledge of purity. Although the exchange of rings is different for everyone, some girls want to have their rings altered only to have two hearts remaining with the cross. They then put the other ring on its own around a chain to return to the father to keep as a reminder of a sacred promise kept.

There are many different types of covenant rings that can be chosen. Somewhat like a wedding ring, it is specific to the girl who wears it and the father who asks for her to make the commitment. Wedding rings and covenant rings are very similar in the respect that it isn’t about the cost of the ring itself but the promise that is made surrounding it. Made from silver or gold or gemstones, it isn’t about how much it costs; it is about the symbolic nature of it.

Many who wear covenant rings insist that it gives them strength to overcome many challenges in life. Like having God always there to remind them, it helps girls remember their commitment to their father and God and to overcome any outside or external pressures. The promise made is made between three people — the father, the daughter, and Christ — and although Christ is with you at all times, sometimes a symbolic reminder is an excellent way to overcome temptation.

A covenant ring is also a good way to let those around you know what commitment you have made. As the rings look like a wedding ring, many young women who wear them say that they are asked all the time about their meaning. Most girls wearing them are obviously too young to be married, which is why people ask. The inquiry, they insist, usually strengthens their desire and resolve to remain pure for the man they love and will eventually give themselves to.

In a new age that is predominantly about instant and sexual gratification outside of marriage, a covenant ring might be a rarity. But for those who follow the teachings of Christ, it is a promise of purity and the commitments made between three parties that are stronger than any outside force.