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Let’s give a big SUPER HERO welcome to Fanbase Press Hero Hotel writer and artist Yehudi Mercado!

The NoHo Arts District dot Com team always says: “NoHo is only as great as its people.” We are proud of our one-square-mile neighborhood and the creativity that comes out of our arts district. Meet Yehudi Mercado, a North Hollywood writer and cartoonist published by North Hollywood-based Fanbase Press. They’ve just published his recent graphic novel Hero Hotel

“We have been big fans of Yehudi’s work for years, and we are honored and excited to have the opportunity to work with him on Hero Hotel and to bring such a fantastic, new graphic novel to our readers.” – Barbra Dillon, Editor-in-Chief of Fanbase Press

In support of Small Business Saturday, stop by The Perky Nerd for a day of superhero games and activities, superhero cosplayers and a photo booth, great deals on comics and Funko POP! figures, and the celebration for the release of Hero Hotel with Mercado and other guest creators on hand to sign copies of the book.

WHEN: Saturday, November 26, 2016, from 12-2PM
WHERE: The Perky Nerd
1606 W. Magnolia Blvd.
Burbank, CA 91506

SYNOPSIS: Hero Hotel – They check in. They don’t help out.  Superheroes – talk about divas. After lifting boulders and buildings all day, they won’t even pick up their own bags… and no one’s got more baggage than supers.

Yehudi Mercado Hero Hotel www.nohoartsdistrict.com

So a hotel for demanding super heroes?! What inspired you to create the graphic novel on this topic?

Yehudi Mercado: As a child I would always tell my parents I wanted to be a hotel manager when I grew up. I never said cop, police man, or even football player – I said hotel manager. My sisters and I used to pretend our house was a hotel for our stuffed animals. We would scribble room numbers on masking tape and put them on all the doors in the house. We would deliver them room service. I guess it’s like playing tea party, only it’s an entire full service hotel. I never do anything small.

So you’re a writer, cartoonist, and former pizza delivery guy. How did you start in graphic novels?

Yehudi Mercado: I had been working in animation and video games for a living, and I had always taken stabs at making comics. I wrote a screenplay, Buffalo Speedway, about pizza delivery drivers on the busiest pizza day ever. That got some attention, but when nothing ever happened with it, I decided I needed to turn it into a graphic novel. After lots of trial and error, I developed a style I could do efficiently enough where I could finish an entire book without it taking ten years.

How did you hook up with Fanbase Press?

Yehudi Mercado: They are ALWAYS at every convention. It’s impressive how passionate they are about comics and spreading the gospel of comics. I had been dismayed by how little promotion my previous comic, Rocket Salvage, got from a mini-major publisher, so I decided to go back to my self-publishing roots. But when I spoke to Barbra and Bryant and they had a goal to publish more titles, I got really excited. I knew they would help push this boulder up the hill with me.


You’re a political cartoonist too we see. What’s your favorite for this election or from some of the insane events that have happened in 2016.

Yehudi Mercado: My favorite is Hillary Clinton as a Ghostbuster zapping Slimer Donald Trump. I think it perfectly encapsulates this whole election and the fake outrage over an all-female Ghostbusters remake.

Any advice for your writers and/or artists?

Yehudi Mercado: Set a goal and finish a project. Then, set another goal and finish that project. Then, look back at the first one and see what you could have improved, then start another goal with what you’ve learned and finish that project. Everyone has ideas, not everyone has a final book in hand.

What’s your favorite NoHo hangout?

Yehudi Mercado: Love going to the Laemmle NoHo, love Blastoff Comics, love Republic of Pie. I’m from Texas, so I was pleasantly surprised by El Tejano.

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