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 The NoHo poem, “Lankershim Lights” by NoHo Poet Laureate Radomir Vojtech Luza

We welcome 2017 with an ode to our booming NoHo Arts District neighborhood – “Lankershim Lights” by Radomir V. Luza.

Lemonade lubricates at Pitfire Pizza while I
Flourish among the flora, flannel and frolicking fairies
Like an emperor elevating esoteric

I watch the movie screen at Laemmles NoHo
Like a guru guiding Gandhi

At Panda Express
The orange chicken is as sweet as the sun
And as mellow as Maui

The beautiful burrito at Chipotle
Is more beatific than Bjorn Borg’s
Blizzard of a backhand

At Big Wangs Kobe Bryant is on ten screens
And it is still not enough

Supper at Vicious Dogs is a salient salute to sauerkraut at sunset

After I have rehearsed with my band at Amp
Like Ozzie oozing alabaster orb

I go to Bob’s Espresso Bar
To mix with metaphysical mop tops
And mingled masterpieces

Like music wafting across the horizon
I feel the night build and bend
Trembling at the knees
Like a lovelorn prince looking for his Cinderella

I discover the deity in the details
The very fingers that mold hands and caress cherubic faces

The Federal Bar finds me
Arcing towards 2 a.m.
Like a panther politely parking his paws in paradise

This Lankershim Boulevard
This corner of my consciousness

This bouquet of flowers on my birthday
This very stone’s throw from Hollywood

This 101 wonderland
And red line ricochet

This reason for God’s reason
Apprehended and analyzed
Like a murder suspect

Like the very grab at grace
We get but once

Staring at the moon
At 3 a.m.

Orange yellow with asphalt lips

Lankershim lights in my dreams

Lankershim lights in my afternoons

Lankershim lights
Spreading across my midnights
And pregnant bites
Only you can stop the polluted fights

And illiterate flights of these muddied nights
Like ambitious kites

My dear sweet
Lankershim lights

On Lankershim Boulevard
I found myself

The rebel and the roustabout
The soldier and the scoundrel

The night tossed me into your orbit
Your very river of regret
Lake Placid of ribaldry

I, the Sir Lancelot of leprosy
The wolf of this whirlwind

The avenged angel on this avenue of acoustic alliteration and accreting illumination

Nearly died to live again
Almost cracked to crumble
On your cement sidewalks and October breezes

Like a marathon runner
Stopped still in his tracks
A bowling ball in the alley

A running back losing the football
And with it his heart

But you saved me Lankershim
Cupping palms
And breathing confidence into confidence

Like a shark
Who discovers that he really is a dolphin

Or a boy who finds that special girl to share the rest of his days with

You bought me the mountain to maneuver
The very lights to shine on my wooden cross

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About the Lankershim Ligts poem author Radomir Vojtech Luza

The NoHo poem, “Lankershim Lights” by NoHo Poet Laureate Radomir Vojtech Luza www.nohoartsdistrict.com


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